Woodburn School District Superintendent Chuck Ransom welcomes students, parents to 2018-19 school year

I want to take this opportunity to welcome students and staff back to school. We love this time of year as it fills us with a renewed sense of purpose.

For parents and guardians, we want you to know that we are committed to your child succeeding academically and personally. Your involvement in your child's education is just as important to this happening as the instruction she or he may receive in the classroom.

For our staff, we want to support you as individuals and help you share and grow together as colleagues through professional development and training. This benefits your career path and our students who learn through your expertise and guidance.

COURTESY PHOTO - Woodburn Supt. Chuck RansomFor our students, you have a responsibility to come to school, ask for help when you need it and commit to playing a role in your future. We have the resources and opportunities, but you have to pick up the tools to build a better nation.

The Woodburn School District has a five-year Strategic Plan with specific goals to contribute to student success. Last year, more than 200 people participated in updating that document. I'd like to share the goals of the plan with you here so we're all on the same page as we enter a new school year.

1. All students will graduate ready to pursue college, career options and success in life

2. Strengthen our culture of engagement, centered in equity

3. Further strengthen our stewardship of public resources and community trust

The Woodburn School Board members also met to develop two personal goals to support the Strategic Plan. They are:

1. Members will engage with multiple community stakeholder groups through various avenues to share the strategic plan and educate the community about the role of the board.

2. Members will work intentionally on its relationship, culture and operations to create a common understanding, improve communication, cultural competence and create a sense of unity.

Every policy or spending decision we make goes back to support the Strategic Plan. This is part of the reason we have some of the highest graduation rates in the state. We also have made great strides to close the achievement gap between different student populations. This work has brought policy makers and other public education administrators throughout the country to our school district to learn what it is we do.

And what we do is educate and care for the whole child through programs, services and a challenging curriculum. We are so fortunate that the community supports our efforts, and this is the backbone of why we succeed. Thank you for that support and welcome to a new school year.

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