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Gervais reader pens an open letter to his daughter on athletes kneeling during the national anthem

Dear Editor,

I wish to share with you a letter to my daughter (#4).

Dear Daughter,

I have seen you are offended by kneeling athletes. I ask you to hear their message…

Black citizens, especially males in tremendously disappointing numbers, are stopped by traffic police and issued citations, when white citizens will be given a 'pass' in identical situations.

Similarly, black citizens are shot during traffic stops, and black citizens are 'stopped' just for walking in predominately white neighborhoods. The list of injustices goes on and on… so I ask again, hear the message. Now weigh the message against the 'hurt feelings' we choose to feel at the sight of one kneeling. I no longer believe it disrespectful to kneel silently during the playing of the anthem. Now, if the Protestors were laughing, talking, I could see disrespect. But to kneel with bowed head, I see respect for our Constitutional rights. Peaceful demonstrations are exactly what a free society thrives upon.

Donovan Stair


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