Readers weigh in on Woodburn mayoral candidates Eric Swenson and Frank Lonergan, Woodburn fire levy

Swenson can help Woodburn move forward

We have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Eric Swenson on Woodburn Proud, the Woodburn Budget Committee and other community activities. His dedication to improving our city, to our future and our schoolchildren is unparalleled.

This is a pivotal moment in Woodburn as we continue downtown revitalization, look at Highway 99E restoration and create a new community center. A mayor who can speak to all segments of our city in their preferred language will be highly beneficial to this progress.

We heartily endorse Eric Swenson for mayor of Woodburn.

Don and Rhonda Judson


Woodburn Ambulance endorses Measure 24-433

As leaders in our Woodburn community and our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) community, we support ballot Measure 24-433, which would provide Advanced Life Support training for a select group of current Woodburn firefighters.

Firefighter-medics from Woodburn Fire work in close partnership with Advanced Life Support paramedics from Woodburn Ambulance to deliver emergency medical care. The fire crews often arrive on scene first, begin patient treatment, and then assist the ambulance crew in preparing the patient for transport. Currently, only the ambulance is staffed full-time with Advanced Life Support paramedics. The addition of Advanced Life Support skills for firefighters becomes especially important on incidents such as motor vehicle collisions with multiple patients, or during times of high emergency call volume when fire and EMS resources are spread thin. A higher level of medical training for fire first responders would allow firefighters to provide additional lifesaving medical treatments. Funds from the levy would ensure that at least one firefighter with Advanced Life Support skills is on duty at all times.

We also support Measure 24-433 because of the four full-time firefighters the levy would provide. When a critical medical emergency occurs, a four-firefighter team, together with the ambulance paramedic, can better perform lifesaving medical tasks when seconds count. For example, in the event of a serious accident or cardiac arrest, paramedics from both the ambulance and fire crews can perform critical airway support, breathing assistance, IV medications and fluid treatment, and cardiac monitoring all at the same time. For these procedures to be successful, seconds count.

Please join us in voting YES for ballot Measure 24-433, which will help save lives in the areas served by the Woodburn Fire District.

Mark Zeitzer, M.D., Medical Director

Woodburn Fire Department, Woodburn Ambulance Service, Inc.

Shawn Baird, M.A., Co-owner

Woodburn Ambulance Service, Inc.

Lonergan will be ready for mayor job on day one

This is why I am voting for Frank Lonergan as the next mayor of Woodburn:

1. His knowledge of the city of Woodburn is exhaustive. He has lived here for most of his life and served on boards, commissions, committees and the City Council for over 40 years. He brings perspective and knowledge to city issues.

2. His many years of experience as a private sector manager, for both a small family-owned business and a large national operation, are invaluable. Business recruitment and economic enhancement are big issues for the city. A mayor who understands how actual businesses and their employees operate and the concerns they face will improve our policy choices and strengthen our community partnerships.

3. He asks questions and makes sound decisions when he has the answers. He also takes responsibility for his decisions.

4. He is ready. He has served on the City Council for 16 years and as council president — basically vice mayor — for four. He has been at many of the same meetings I have attended as mayor, chaired council meetings and taken part in public events when I was unavailable for many reasons, and is familiar with the issues facing both our community and the City of Woodburn organization.

Woodburn is fortunate in that both candidates for mayor are good people who care deeply about our community. Frank Lonergan is the candidate who can take the gavel on Dec. 10 and continue our forward progress without missing a step.

Kathy Figley, Mayor


Lonergan's 40 years of service makes him qualified for mayor

I am writing to express my support for Frank Lonergan as mayor.

I served on the City Council with him for a number of years. I found him to be very respectful of others, a good listener and a problem solver. He is conscientious about having the facts and asking the right questions before he casts his votes.

He is passionate about our city of Woodburn. Some of what he has done in over 40 years of service to the city of Woodburn can be found in the voter's pamphlet.

Vote for Frank Lonergan as mayor.

Elida Sifuentez


Lonergan has proven record of making courageous decisions

Woodburn citizens could not hope for a better new mayor than Frank Lonergan. I served on the City Council with Frank for nearly 12 years. In our earlier years together Pete McCallum was the council president. When Pete retired the other council members unanimously chose Frank to serve as council president, a position he still holds. This demonstrates the respect and confidence the other council members have in Frank.

Frank is a good listener — both to the citizens' concerns and to the input of the professional staff hired to run the city's daily business. Frank is smart and is a steadying influence. He shares the aspirations we have for the city's future — but with a wise, level-headed awareness of fiscal realities.

Frank has always shown courage in making tough decisions. For example, he voted in favor of the Fifth Street extension even though there was vehement objection — including a petition signed by several hundred church members of the church to which Frank belongs. For purposes of this letter I don't want to re-argue who was right or wrong. Instead, I use this example to show that Frank will support decisions that he believes to be in the best interests of the city as a whole even though they are different from the sincerely-held opinions of others. (Full disclosure: Although the Fifth Street approval was not unanimous, I also voted in favor of it. Time has shown that none of the dire effects that were predicted by the opponents has come to pass).

Jim Cox


Thanks to local firefighters

This is an open letter to the wonderful men and women of the Woodburn Fire Department: A letter of gratitude to thank you for that time I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance and one of you assisted my husband with putting on his shoes, because he could not do it himself. And you stayed until he contacted a family member to come and care for him.

The time you came at 1 a.m. and at least one of you looked as if he had been roused from a sound sleep.

And that time you came and helped him up from a pretty bad fall, and advised me to take him to the emergency room, and then proceeded to push him out in his wheelchair and put him in the car for me.

For all of the many, many other times you have come to assist him when he needed you.

And for doing all of this with such good humor and caring and for helping him to maintain a modicum of dignity in some very trying and undignified situations.

God bless the firefighters, for the heroic and life-endangering jobs that you perform, but for the many ways that you make our, and many other people's lives easier.

When you leave, you always tell us to be sure and call if we need you again. That this is what you are there for.

For this you have our eternal gratitude, and are always in my prayers.

Carol Betterton


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