Voters sound off on House District 22, Marion County commissioner, Woodburn mayor races

Alonso Leon treats constituents like family

When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she could no longer care for herself and her modest nest egg would not pay for all the services she needed. We became one of the many families trying to raise our children and care for sick and aging parents at the same time.

All care work — whether it's performed by paid caregivers or unpaid family members — is valuable because the people on both sides of the equation matter. At one point or another we will all require care and will be called on to care for others.

This is why I'm supporting Teresa Alonso Leon for state representative in House District 22. Teresa understands that we are truly all in this together. Even though we come from different cultures, Teresa and I share the same values. We believe in the importance of family, of keeping multiple generations of families together, of caring for the people who need us.

We all make a lot of sacrifices to care for our families and we need someone in Salem fighting for our families. I know Teresa Alonso Leon will be out there fighting for my family and yours like it's her own.

Jan Montes


Woodburn overpass is 'a thing of beauty'

As a courier I drive up and down the I-5 corridor between Portland and Eugene many evenings. After one particularly long drive down to Medford and back, I was beat, and doing everything in my power to stay awake on the way home.

I took such comfort in seeing your overpass lit with red, white and blue lights. The overpass itself has such beautiful lines — a bridge versus an overpass — and the lights are such a welcome treat. I look forward to seeing what color they will be every time I go through.

I thought it was time to thank the engineer who designed the overpass, the City of Woodburn for funding the project to make an overpass a thing of beauty, and the person responsible for keeping me guessing about light color each night. It's a beacon reminding me that I'm nearly home and a delight to see every time.

Sylvia Ayala


Crier would bring values, right priorities to Marion County

Marion County voters have a choice between a candidate for county commissioner who is clear about her priorities and one who is a chameleon with priorities that seem to shift for political expediency.

Kevin Cameron used to boast about being a two-decade-long director of his church, until, of course, long-term sexual abuse that took place there was reported in the press. Now you read his campaign materials and can't even tell he's religious or a member of any church!

Cameron used to say that his top priority was expansion of the Aurora Airport for corporate jet business and he said he backed the end-run around Oregon's land use planning system proposed by the expansion promoters, including a major donor to his campaign. Today he paints a picture of himself as a farm and environmental champion despite his past actions.

Cameron seemingly has endorsed his opponent Shelaswau Crier, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. He's transformed his platform into alleged concerns about the same issues that Crier has been talking about and listening to voters' ideas about since getting into the race.

From the beginning of her campaign, Shelaswau Crier has been very clear about her priorities:

1. increasing the availability of affordable housing and reducing homelessness;

2. improving access to quality health care, especially mental health, addiction and transitional services; and,

3. attracting and holding businesses accountable to family wage jobs, and reducing underemployment that plagues too many families in Marion County.

Shelaswau Crier is seeking our vote on these issues important to Marion County residents.

While he is copying her on the issues, the great Democratic fairy grandmother has not waved her wand and transformed Kevin Cameron into an articulate, well-educated, African-American wife and mother of five who cares about affordable housing, homelessness, health care, smart growth and family wage jobs, or into a Democrat.

Instead, Cameron is trying to fool voters into thinking that his priorities are the same as theirs. But voters just need to scratch the surface to find a career Republican candidate deeply dependent and beholden to a few big money donors, whose priorities have only "changed" for the election season in a ploy to get votes. Cameron is a political chameleon.

I'm voting for Shelaswau Crier, who has been unwavering and true to her values and priorities, and who listens well to and will represent everyone in the community openly and honestly.

Chuck Sheketoff


Support the fire district like they support you and visitors to Woodburn

Well, summer is over, all the guests have made their way back to their own homes. If they came to Woodburn and had an emergency they were more fortunate than most.

When I first moved to Woodburn my dear friends stopped by in their motor home to see how I was doing. They had long escaped to Oregon in the summer from their home in Nevada. Well the first thing anyone wants to do is go to the outlets and my friend and I took off, leaving her husband taking a nice nap in the motorhome escaping the outlet trip.

He fell asleep immediately without checking his blood sugar. You see, the husband was what is known as a brittle diabetic. By the time we returned he would not wake up.

Called 911. The fire department responded! At first, I was worried and thought they had answered the wrong call but then they went to work. I was so relieved to see the professional response. My friend's husband was revived and taken to the hospital.

They came back the next summer and many more with the confidence that emergency services in Woodburn, Oregon, were better than most large cities in this country. We need to continue to support our Woodburn Fire District.

Patricia Hyatt


Lonergan most likely to carry out vision for Woodburn

This year the city enters a new era with a change in the leadership. We have two candidates that are very dedicated to a positive future for the community. Both want to see downtown cleaned up and safer, both want to see traffic issues and bumpy streets repaired, both want to encourage economic growth that will provide more family wage jobs in our community.

The choice comes down to who is most likely to be able to accomplish these important visions. From Frank Lonergan's leadership on the Parks Board in the '80s to planning on the Planning Commission in the '90s to his service on the City Council, he has been a part of Woodburn's move forward.

Leading an organization or community requires understanding the systems, knowing who and what to influence, and garnering the respect of those systems to provide positive progress. With Frank's business experience and knowledge of the systems that govern, he can lead Woodburn to the next level.

It is for these reasons that we wholeheartedly support the election of Frank Lonergan to be the next mayor of our city.

David and Colleen Vancil


Lonergan provides thoughtful, balanced approach

I wanted to encourage people to vote for Frank Lonergan for the mayor of Woodburn.

Frank has been a volunteer citizen for many years working for our community. His experience and firsthand knowledge about the current residential building projects will be an asset for us.

The city of Woodburn government is based on citizen involvement and Frank has been on several boards and commissions. For the past several years Frank has served on the City Council and has been actively involved in the numerous projects that Woodburn is a part of.

His thoughtful and balanced approach about the future growth in Woodburn is what we need.

Please vote for Frank for mayor.

Bruce Thomas


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