Why I've introduced bills on daylight savings, motorcycle lane splitting, public assistance to the needy and more

The 80th Legislative Session has begun! After a week of orientation, training and opening ceremonies, we now begin the actual work of legislation.

That means committees meet, bills are heard and debated, and House and Senate floor voting sessions begin. First of all, I thought I would highlight some of the legislation I am personally working on.

FILE PHOTO - Rep. Bill PostHB 2297 which would be a referral to the voters to have Oregon join with other West Coast states to go to permanent daylight savings time. There is real consensus to move forward with this and Sen. Kim Thatcher has a similar bill in the Senate. That way, the idea is going out from both sides of the building. Both bills have broad bi-partisan support.

HB 2302 would provide "guaranteed assistance" to those who are the most needy in Oregon. It would be a small investment in covering those things that current public assistance doesn't cover ie: diapers and other day to day necessities.

HB 2299 addresses those who attempt to elude police and cause high speed chases endangering our law enforcement as well as anyone else on the road.

HB 2300 addresses those who try to harass others by sending nude photos by text or social media.

HB 2295 would look at youth in corrections who may have "earned" a review of their sentence.

HB 2314 tackles a long time issue for motorcyclists called "lane splitting/sharing", allowing motorcycles to "split" a lane in very specific traffic situations.

Finally, after so many people reached out to me after the 2017 session, telling me their stories of buying "Sudafed" products in the states around us, I am running HB 2303 the "Sudafed bill" again. This would not return us to the days of "over the counter" but have us join the vast majority of America in making these products behind the counter and the purchaser having to show a picture ID, sign a form, be logged into a system and then get a small amount of the product. Over 40 states use the system that is proposed in HB 2303.

Oregon currently requires you to visit a doctor and have he or she prescribe the product at a much higher price than it would be behind the counter.

I hope you'll come to visit your Capitol this session and participate in the political process.

Representative Bill Post (R-District 25) can be reached at:

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