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Voters stump for Aurora Fire Board, school and fire board candidates ask for support

AFD residents have items to vote on in this election

First and foremost is the option levy — Measure 24-438.

The Aurora Fire Board is asking voters to approve a levy increase in order to hire additional staff. Tax dollars will be used to provide career medically trained fire staff on shift 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Several additional information items can be reviewed on the Aurora Fire District website.

Be an informed Voter. Go to the website; read why passing the levy is so important to you and your community. Please vote yes on Measure 24-438.

Marc Anderson's running for Position-4.

Marc Anderson isn't where he is today by winning a "popularity contest."

Aurora Fire District firefighters' support for Marc Anderson says a lot about his character.

Yes, this is a serious role. As board president, Marc consistently demonstrates his experience and ability to assist the board in accomplishing the needs of the district taxpayers in the taxpayers' interests.

Marc's actions as a person and board director have earned him the respect of the firefighters and his community.

What is important is; who is the best person, and the best person is Marc Anderson.

When you mark your ballot please vote for Marc Anderson and yes on Measure 24-438.

Thank you,

Deb Barnes


Fire board candidate asks for support

My name is Fred Hartley, I am a candidate for the Aurora Fire Board, Director Position 4. I have long been interested in our Aurora Fire District and am running for this position to continue my public service for our community.

This position was previously held by Donna Hammang for over 25 years. I honor Donna's service to our community and thank her and our former Donald Mayor Daroll Nicholson, also a candidate for the Aurora Fire Board, for their support and encouragement to run.

Our fire service is in transition from a volunteer fire district to one which must hire additional firefighters to ensure the 24-hour coverage that our district taxpayers expect.

Nothing can be more important than providing fire and EMT services to our homes and families.

I ask for your vote to Aurora Fire District Board of Directors Position Number 4.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Fred Hartley


Open the windows at Aurora Fire; vote Fred Hartley

The Aurora Fire Board election means more this year than ever before. The needs of the district grow with the increasing population and calls for service. The district is transitioning from being a primarily volunteer fire district to one more reliant on professional firefighters.

These changes make it more important than ever to bring in new, experienced, and proven board members to help make the policy, budget and priority decisions needed to keep the district able to meet new challenges.

I know Fred Hartley, have seen his good work on the Donald City Council and the Donald Budget Committee, and strongly recommend him to other district voters for election to the Aurora Fire Board.

Let's open the windows and let some fresh air into the Aurora Fire District Board. Please join me in voting for Fred Hartley for Position Number 4!

Rachel Leo


Gervais School Board candidate sees need for change of guard

Why do I think I would make a better school board member than the other candidates for the Gervais School Board?

Many of the districts' problems are caused by the members of the school board acting like they are members of a select social society. If the district's voters could have read the article in the Oregon Farmer about why the Pendleton Grains Growers failed, one of the major problems laid out was that members of the board of directors were unwilling and unable to challenge the assumptions of the manager and his staff.

This is why even though the school board will have over $2 million more in their budget near year, many district maintenance projects will not be completed next year. A constant drum beat at all school board meetings is the need for several millions of dollars of bonded, indebted mess to be foisted off on the district's property tax payers.

What could be done to clean up this mess? We don't have enough Our Miss Brooks' and James Almosts, but we have way too many Marileins. It would be possible to use nationally normed tests with printed multiple-choice tests on the textbooks, written by the author and printed by the publisher of the textbooks, that are corrected by impartial out-of-district correctors.

This year, over 25% of the sixth-grade students are working at third grade level. We can't expect these students to succeed in high school that far behind where they should be working.

The hope program needs to be restored. This is a middle school after school program to teach basic domestic science skills and knowledge, the use of academic skills, and knowledge for adult life and basic manual art skills and knowledge.

The fact that Gervais interscholastic athletes are not competitive indicates that the P.E. program needs a major overhaul.

Lenthal Kaup


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