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Independence Day conflagration averted after going to check on the cat's well-being

I ran and ran, yelling "Fire!"

It was not a dream. It was July 4.

Earlier in the day, I prayed for God's protection for our property because we were coming home late and I was not going to be there to guard against fireworks danger. I depend on God. He takes care of me.

Praying done. Gilbert and I went to a friends' barbecue in Salem. Delicious potluck. Children played on the trampoline. Good time visiting, taking pictures. We were going to wait until dark to do the fireworks, but after starting with the poppers, we continued with the other ones. Just after dusk we left for home.

PMG FILE PHOTO - Suzanne YbarraWhen we got home, it was totally dark. Our neighbors' fireworks were thrilling. After watching for a while, I wanted to check on the cat. She doesn't like loud noises. In the backyard calling her name, I saw flames! The neighbor's tool shed was catching on fire!

"Fire!" I ran through the backyard, into the house, out the front door, over to the neighbor's driveway. "Fire! Fire! Fire!" I did not stop running and I kept yelling! Gilbert was yelling at me, "Suzanne! Where?". He took off his jacket, prepared to fight flames. Our neighbors ceased their fireworks and hurried to their backyard. After they saved their shed, they came back, thanked me.

My husband and I stayed in the backyard for another hour, on fire watch. No more drama that night.

I thank God for taking care of our property and neighborhood. All our houses are close together. My neighbor's tool shed could have been only the first domino to burn. God worked out the timing of our being home earlier than we had planned. He sent me to the backyard. It happens that way. I think I'm going for the cat and God has me fighting fires! One more point — he doesn't always answer as quickly as I want, but he's never, never late. My property doesn't even have the smell of smoke.

I have a question for God. When I prayed earlier that day, I prayed in English and then, with no forethought, prayed in tongues. What did I pray? For the timing to be perfect? For my being able to feel a nudge? That I would respond immediately to his nudge? Praying in my heavenly language felt like confirmation my prayer was heard and answered in the affirmative. Was I already praising God for what he was going to do?

I am still praising God today. We serve a big God.

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