Woodburn Independent readers weigh in on 2019 Relay for Life, this spring's Legislative Session

Thanks to everyone who helped raise more than $100,000 for Relay for Life

To the amazing communities of Molalla, Woodburn and Canby,

Thank you all for the support that you gave to the Relay for Life of South Clackamas County. With your help, we raised $107,915.84 to invest in the American Cancer Society for research, patient services, advocacy and education.

The incredible support of our sponsors played a huge part in our success. We would like to thank the following businesses and organizations:

Presenting ($5,000) — Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Do It Best

Platinum ($2,500) — Molalla Communications, Wooden Shoe Vineyard, Red Barn Hemp

Gold ($1,500) — Pure Seed

Silver ($1,000) — Hillyer's Mid-City Ford, Hotrod Dreamworks, MAPs Credit Union, Marion Ag Service, Integrity Traffic, Easy Storage

Bronze ($500) — Big Dawg Construction, Autotech NW, Canby Landscape, AAA, Les Schwab, Clarkes Grange, Molalla Moose Lodge, San Blas, NW Professional Realty, Northwest Transplants, Oregon Pilots-Mulino Chapter, Moonjumpers, Wilbur Ellis, Ani's Party Supply, Republic Services, City of Woodburn, Two Men and a Truck

Signature ($250) — Backstop Bar & Grill, El Charrito, Canby Ford, Clarkes United Methodist Women, Snap Fitness, Molalla Cutting Edge Fitness, Bentley Feed, Austen's Body Shop, Earl Buche Rock, Molalla River Massage, GW Hardware, Firefly Realty, ReMax, Canby Veterinary Clinic, Big Meadow Realty, Kyllo Brothers Construction, Millar Point S Tires, The Dentist Off Main, Cave Audio, Canby Volunteer Fire, Yes Graphics Printing, Woodburn Liquor Store, Schuyler Family Dentistry, Webb Chiropractic, Woodburn United Methodist Church, Woodburn Fire Department, Specialty Polymer, Millbarn Espresso, OBC Northwest Inc, Martin's Furniture, Muchas Gracias

Thank you to the ELT for the countless hours spent planning this event. Thank you, also, to our team Captains! You came up with fun and exciting ways to raise funds and invite people to our event.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 27, 2020 where we will, once again, be celebrating at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm! Thanks, again, for your support! We look forward to relaying with you!

Roxie Smith



Republican walkout was justified, Democrat gun control is unconstitutional

The powers that be in the Woodburn Independent seem to believe that the readers of the Woodburn Independent are docile sheep that can be conned into giving up their rights and taking away their neighbors' rights to have and hold fire arms just because some over-educated Democrat hack says so.

Portland-area Democrat members of this year's legislature believed the reports in the press that they had such a majority in both houses of the legislature, controlled the Governor, the State Treasurer, and the Attorney General's office that they could run roughshod over the Republicans in the Capitol. This doesn't say that only good laws would have resulted from the Democrat stampede. Desperate men often use desperate measures when they are pushed into a corner. The Republican walk outs were desperate measures.

It did stop the Democrat stampede and revealed glaring defects in many of the Democrats' proposed laws that the stampede was ramming down the throats of the citizens of the state of Oregon.

A firearm that is not immediately usable is worthless for personal defense. When seconds count, the police are only 10 minutes away, in an emergency some can get into action immediately.

Most firearm legislation as it is currently written and interpreted is primarily to make life easier for bullies with a badge (bad cops, incompetent prosecutors, unethical judges) the (people) selling drugs on our street corners and the thieves and robbers that have snuck into the area with help of Democrats.

What about Ted Wheeler's friends in Antifa? They love to riot and intimidate the poorly-armed law-abiding citizens of Portland much like the clowns in Berkley during the riots of the '60s.

Maybe the writer supporting taking away citizen's firearms should read the Federalist Papers and many other articles about how King George's appointees misused the standing mercenary army the King had provided them to abuse the colonists' rights because of the lack of arms in the colonial cities.

No foreign force has ever tried to take civilian's weapons away from their masters for one reason: it didn't work. We the citizens should allow uniformed Democrats to take away private firearms either.

Lenthal Kaup


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