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Woman loses car, cat due to hit and run driver; Oregon needs a real representative, not Wyden

COURTESY OF NANCY DALTON - Nancy Daltons 1991 Nissan Sentra was struck by a hit-and-run driver on Butteville Road between the cross streets of Broadacres and Hunt Road.

Hit and run driver leaves Woodburn woman and her cat for dead

On Feb. 16 I was involved in a bad car accident with my cat Jez by someone who had stolen a car. The accident happened on Butteville Road between the cross streets of Broadacres and Hunt Road.

I was stopped alongside the road when the stolen car came up behind me and slammed into the back of my car, ejecting me into the ditch and it knocked me unconscious.

The person or people in the stolen car ran from the scene, leaving me and my cat for dead. I didn't know that I had been hit until I heard sirens and wondered why I was in the ditch, because I was knocked unconscious.

The firemen at the scene were very helpful. They tried to capture my cat when she ran out of the back of the broken window of my car across the road into the yard of a house at 18245 Butteville Road. The firemen looked for her for 45 minutes, but were unsuccessful of finding her.

She has been lost now for more than seven days and she has a health problem that needs attention. She had this health problem before the accident, and I haven't had the money to take her to a vet to find out what it is. If she is scratched around her mid back, she goes into a spasm and urinates on the floor.

Because I got knocked unconscious, I was very hazy in my thinking for at least four to five days and haven't been able to look for her as much as I would've liked to, although I have looked for her a few times. The driver of the stolen car is still at large and needs to come forward to do the right thing.

I am posting new flyers of the accident with pictures of my car, the stolen car and my cat Jez with hopes that someone will step forward and call me if they have seen her or have her in their possession.

She and I need each other. We've been through a lot and she is my emotional therapy buddy.

Nancy Dalton

WoodburnCOURTESY OF NANCY DALTON - Nancy Daltons 1991 Nissan Sentra was struck by a hit-and-run driver on Butteville Road between the cross streets of Broadacres and Hunt Road.

Oregon needs a real representative, not Ron Wyden

In the Jan. 15 edition of the Woodburn Independent in the Citizen's View column, Sig Unander asked that Senator Wyden stop holding up copyright protection legislation.

I ask which is more important to Senator Wyden right now — his New York City rich wife, her rich New York friends, the (people) that run Washington, D.C. and New York City television and print media, or some Oregon citizen trying to make a living providing quality intellectual content on the Internet?

Maybe what needs to happen is for someone who can write better than an Oregon hick should go back to New York City and publish the interesting little stories that are quietly circulating there. When and if that happens, New York City will be quickly losing its third U.S. Senator and the state of Oregon will maybe finally gain a voice in Washington, D.C. again.

With a real Oregon U.S. Senator (we have had them before), not little boys trying to play the part as we have now, Oregon's business needs could be put before the U.S. Senate.

With real adults in the Senate, maybe some real needed legislation will get acted upon — immigration reform, management of public lands, a new look at the Environmental Protection Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Waters of the U.S. of A. Act, instead of the Democrat legislators acting like spoiled children unable to accept the loss in the 2016 election.

Trump is the real deal, not a two-bit grifter like Hillary Clinton.

Maybe with that we can also get rid of a lot of overpriced bureaucrats that are supposed to know how to run things in D.C., but are really only political hacks who got their job as a favor from some legislator for contribution, and they keep on slipping and sliding, making a royal mess out of everything they touch with their grifting, corruption, influence peddling and administrative law.

We can hope, can't we?

Lenthal Kaup,


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