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Readers weigh in on Hubbard Fire bond, Republican party and column critical of national coronavirus response

Please vote in favor of Hubbard Fire bond 24-444

The Hubbard Fire District Board of Directors is responsible for referring this Local Option Levy to the ballot. We support the levy for the following reasons:

• The levy would allow the hiring of two additional career firefighters to meet the increasing emergency response demand. The current funding level provided by the fire district's permanent tax rate was established when the call volume was much smaller and volunteer firefighters were able to meet the emergency service demand. The growing Hubbard community now needs two additional career firefighters to help the volunteers provide the necessary coverage.

• The levy would provide the required maintenance of the emergency response vehicles and equipment. At the current funding level, the Hubbard Fire District is not able to maintain compliance with the federal and state safety requirements and national standards. Without additional funding, the District may need to lay-off one of the two current career firefighters in the future to maintain compliance with the maintenance requirements.

• The levy would allow the Hubbard Fire District Board of Directors to establish agreements with the Woodburn and Aurora Fire Districts for the automatic dispatch of career firefighters from their districts in the event Hubbard firefighters are engaged in another emergency. The current mutual-aid agreements only provide automatic coverage for fires or other emergencies that require more than one fire vehicle to respond. The automatic mutual-aid agreements for all emergencies is only possible if Hubbard is able to provide 24/7 firefighter staffing that will reciprocate coverage to their districts when needed.

The dedicated career and volunteer firefighters of Hubbard Fire District have sworn an oath to protect the lives and property of residents of the City of Hubbard and the surrounding area. We urge you to provide the funding necessary to enable our firefighters to maintain that oath by voting "YES" for Ballot Measure 24-444.

Hubbard Fire District Board of Directors

Jeff Robinson

Barbara Ruiz

William Stokes III

Marty Sobo

Michael Willis

Lifelong Republican will not support party of Trump

Recently, via the mail, I received my 'new' voter registration card. Forty years past I registered Republican; today's card identifies me Democrat. I want the Republican Party to know that I will not vote Republican for any office as long as Trump is associated with the Republican Party!

I urge other Republicans to do their duty to this nation.

Donovan E. Stair,


Portland professor misinformed in anti-Trump column

In reference to the March 25 Citizen View column by Aaron Greer in the Woodburn Independent.

How much of Professor Greer's objections to President Trump's presidency are caused by his blind acceptance of the Hillary Clinton public face off in the 2016 presidential election? Is he aware of how many people were killed to make that person look believable? Is he aware of all of the las Hillary Clinton violated while she was Secretary of State on handling of classified information? What does he think about the antics of the trustees of the Clinton Charitable Trust? Is he willing to admit that President Trump kept his campaign promises once he was elected president?

If Professor Greer had lived in Indiana, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota, and had worked in a blue collar occupation instead of academia, he would by now have changed his tune about President Trump's presidency.

Does Professor Greer have the smarts and grit to detect the out-and-out lies put forth by the leadership of the congressional Democrats and repeated by the New York City and Washington, D.C. media and call them all on it? Or does he expect his talk to cover his stupidity like it does in college lecture halls?

Does Professor Greer know all of the behind-the-scenes actions that must be taken before a public announcement could happen or shutting down traffic from China?

Because of this, the Prepare For Action order had to occur weeks before the public announcement occured.

Professor Greer complained about the fact that President Trump eliminated millions of dollars that were spent for waist, mismanagement and political favoritism from the budget for the Center for Disease Control. That money would not be available for use on this epidemic; it is already spent. What really made this year's mess viable was that the Obama Administration used up many of the stockpiled materials to deal with the H1N1 epidemic and didn't replace them after the problem was solved.

Oregon didn't vote for President Trump in the 2016 presidential election thanks to the Tri-Met counties and the liberal arts colleges. Are Professor Greer and the crowd he runs with just mindless Portland-area Democrat political hacks? I don't appreciate his blatant attempt at mass psychological attacks.

Maybe Professor Greet should get a real job like growing hops, planting trees or harvesting crops. It will change his outlook on life.

Lenthal Kaup,


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