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Woodburn Independent readers voice their opinions on the coming city council election

Woodburn councilor supports Ellsworth, Morris

To the editor:

Having served on the Woodburn City Council for two terms gave me the opportunity to work side-by-side with Lisa Ellsworth and Eric Morris. Each of these individuals represents qualities consistent with honesty, intelligence, integrity and caring.

They each have shown dedication to the well-being, growth and health of all members of our community and honor the office as city councilors.

We all sense that we are good at filtering out circumstances through our own experiences. Through the many challenging issues our city has faced, Eric Morris and Lisa Ellsworth have shown respect for the rule of law, patience, understanding and knowledge of the protocols they've been given.

Please vote for Eric Morris as Mayor and Lisa Ellsworth as Councilor, Ward II to continue enhancement of our community through their skills, caring and involvement.

Sharon Schaub


Councilor Ellsworth is insightful, reasonable

I have been elected to our Woodburn City Council twice, I also work on various public service committees and have never endorsed a political candidate.

I wish to change that today by endorsing Lisa Ellsworth for election to the Woodburn City Council.

Ms. Ellsworth is the incumbent candidate for reelection to Woodburn's Ward ll. I know her well, because we have served the city of Woodburn together.

While Ms. Ellsworth and I do not always agree on the content of the policy issues brought before us, that difference of opinion has never caused me to think less of her.

Rather, her intellect, insight and her reasonable, thoughtful demeanor have served her well as a city councilor.

I respect Lisa Ellsworth immensely, first as a person of genuine integrity and second as an individual of sensitive and honest character.

I encourage the voters in Ward ll to return Lisa Ellsworth to our city council, so she may continue her excellent work on behalf of the city of Woodburn.

Robert Carney

City of Woodburn

Ward lll Councilor

Poor Democrat forest management helped fuel unprecedented wildfire damage In answer to the Our Opinion editorial put forward by the Pamplin Editorial Board in the Sept. 23 issue of the Woodburn Independent (Swift action needed to address Oregon wildfires) —the author of that editorial put forward some great-sounding answers, if you don't read them in detail, to the urban problems caused by the conflagrations that devastated western Oregon the first weekend of September. Unfortunately, the answers put forward are politically motivated, highly beneficial to the Portland Democrat party machine members and highly wrong for the residents of rural Oregon. The strong, dry and hot east wind this year that caused some small wildland fires in the Cascade Mountains to become conflagrations as they roared down the river canyons this year were not an unheard of happening. I have personally witnessed stronger late summer winds blowing in past years. The only difference this year was that in past year, the loggers had cut, removed and burned the slash of a good number of mature trees for use, and because of this, the conflagrations couldn't happen.

Maybe the incompetent Democrat political hacks hired by the state of Oregon and federal forestry agencies to fight wildland fires that sat on their fat duffs the whole month of August drawing federal forest fire fighting funds instead of extinguishing those fires should give up their ill begotten gains to pay for some of the damages caused by the conflagrations they negligently let get away.

A well-managed, publically-owned and managed forest will provide not only logs and other wood byproducts, but also hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking and camping areas, as well as potable water for us by us all and in their season, the beautiful vistas to enjoy and/or photograph. In the scam of good forest management, their vistas have a short lifespan and should not be used as an excuse for not cutting the mature trees in the forest for logs. A well-managed publicly owned and operated forest is a good neighbor. Its logging roads,side trails and landings allow fire crews and other forest management crews to (deal with) problems with fire, disease and natural disaster in any and all ownership in that forest. The cap and trade and other proposed climate change legislation put forward in the spring special session of the Oregon Legislature would have personally benefited members of the Multnomah County Democrat party machine. THe Democrat legislators, with their super majority, were set to ram and jam their proposals down rural citizens' throats, like it or not. Desperate men, if forced, will resort to desperate measures if pushed far enough into a corner. The Republican legislators' walkouts were all the result of Democrat bullies acting like overaged children. The Democrat legislators refused to consider any changes to their legislative proposals. Maybe we should allow the hurt feelings caused by this past legislative session to heal. Lenthal Kaup, Gervais

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