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OPINION: During times of uncertainly, acts of courtesy and warmth are transformative ways to positively impact the community

Have you ever thought that you are a miracle worker? And, have you ever thought that every day, every person you encounter, is an opportunity to work a miracle during that encounter?

Our current environment presents many challenges to which we are responding in various ways. Some of us are accepting and making the best of what there is. Others are responding in ways foreign to us which later, we may regret. Others experience a combination and are unsure of our feelings and what to do or where to go.

During these times of shattered plans and dreams, uncertain future, rattling, fragile emotions which leave us on edge, we mostly need and appreciate the kind, courteous, understanding warmth of humanity, of one another.

It is during these times when we mostly appreciate the human soft touch. And it is this soft touch that makes a Miracle. It is this soft touch that tends to change a person's behavior, outlook, attitude and mood. For you see, embedded in our consciousness is the longing for love, care and kindness. We are homesick for a touch so warm, tender, enchanting and entertaining.

If this is true, and I have proven that it is; that a soft touch or kind word can work a miracle in someone's life, why not attempt to become a miracle worker?

Some of us are already doing miracles by our deeds of kindness and soft, tender words. And we are seeing people positively responding. I see this happening repeatedly in the grocery stores, at the post office, at the doctor's office, in the parking lot and among neighbors. And this is thrilling and heart warming to see.

COURTESY PHOTO - Ewart F. BrownDear reader, if it is your privilege and pleasure to do a miracle in someone's life experience, I am encouraging you to continue your good deeds. On the other hand, if you are missing out on the delight from seeing this Miracle, from reaching out to cheer someone, to do a deed of kindness, to offer a soft warm touch, then I am entreating you to step out, even from your comfort zone and try. It might change someone and change you, also. This change, I can testify to. It works. It is there for you. Just give it a try. And if at first you don't succeed, try again.

This miracle, transforms us as individuals. It also transforms families, work places and communities. It will even transform the world. Just think, you and I can transform the world.

I am introducing to you a new word, it is my word. You may freely use it, but mostly live it. The word is; "KINDNICE". My thought is; today we can be more than being only "kind" or only "nice". We will be so much better off if we were being, KINDNICE to one another.

KINDNICENESS changes one's outlook, attitude, mood and behavior. It works a miracle. And you and I can be miracle workers. We can work miracles each day, in each encounter. So I invite you; Why not be a miracle worker, today and each day? Please try it, you might like it.

So the next time you are at the grocery store, bank, Post Office, parking lot or where ever you encounter someone, please remember, this is a miracle moment;

Connect, with a smile ( though masked), nod, hand wave, word greeting (words travel through masks) or any appropriate ways. We are longing and waiting for your KINDNICENESS. We need it. The world, present and future depends on it. We are counting on it, on you and me. Thank you very much.

Ewart Brown is an author, motivation speaker and retired minister who lives in Woodburn.

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