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The Woodburn Independent's readers weigh in on Woodburn police, recent editorial

How will WPD keep racist officers out of our community?

An open letter to Woodburn Police Chief Jim Ferraris and City Administrator Scott Derickson:

I am writing this in good faith that you will listen and provide some clarifying answers.

As the chief of the Woodburn Police Department, you have made several public statements to ensure that you will work with the community and keep people safe. For instance, in March 2018 you started to build trust and do outreach to ensure that the community could start to trust the WPD. Furthermore, after the saddening incident of George Floyd, the WPD and city administrator stated their hiring process was rigorous to ensure that the WPD remains free of "bigotry, racist and bully" police officers (open letter, May 31, 2020).

Lastly, you took immediate action to put an SRO on administrative leave following an anti-protest Facebook post that was revealed by high school students and community members.

What I would like to know is how are you going to continue this level of work and make it transparent to the community? Considering the recent insurgency by white terrorists on Capitol Hill Jan. 6. There has since been evidence of collaboration with and support for many of these right-wing terrorist groups with law-enforcement agents. California is now looking at a "police social media policy."

These are not far fetched theories. In Oregon alone there have been incidents of favoritism by police when confronting right-wing militia groups including giving White Power hand gesture.

Several more examples exist, but I'm sure you know of them or will educate yourself if not.

As a teacher, I understand the criticism you face as a public servant. In the past, you have publicly taken steps to build trust with the community. My question again; how are you going to ensure that "bigotry, racist and bully" police are not allowed in our community?

Ian Niktab


Editorial doesn't tell the whole story

In answer to the editorial "Legislature 2021 less drama more of the people's work" published on Jan. 27 by the Pamplin Media Group Editorial Board.

It is true that Oregon's citizens, family and businesses are suffering fiscal, social, physical and political damages from the effects of the state's misguided actions, allegedly to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of these problems are either made worse or caused by Governor Brown's panic, or ignorant actions taken in reaction to simple medical problems caused by the pandemic.

The out-and-out lying by the partisan liberal press is making laughable normal human failures downright scary and has made the worst of political rumors highly likely to have happened.

'No' is one of the answers to proposed laws in the legislature. How it is phrased is another story. The GOP walkouts in last spring's legislative session were the only way at the end of that session that the GOP members could communicate with the childish bullies running the Democrat caucuses of that session of the legislature.

Despite what the Pamplin Media Group Editorial Board may say, the GOP legislators have paid a heavy price for having to walk out of this past legislative session. They had a number of not well-known bills that were caught up and destroyed by the Democrat majority that would have benefited rural Republican voters.

Unfortunately, too many of the highly educated members of the local press don't understand the take it or leave it policies of the current Democrat majority in the legislature. It won't change for this session either.

How many sweetheart deals has the Portland Democrat political machine been able to push through that are benefiting their members fiscally and personally since Gov. Brown panicked too many people in the state of Oregon with this flu scare into allowing her to close all state offices by executive order and keep them closed?

What is the valid medical reason for the legislature to not conduct the public's business in public? Or is it political? Don't try giving me the line that virtual meetings are just as good as open public meetings. Just try to attend a local school board meeting.

Why is it a scandal for legislators to meet with supporters in the state capital building where they are supposed to have their office if they are not a member of the right political party?

Is it medically necessary to keep all state offices closed and locked indefinitely?

Are we the readers of and the advertisers in our local press going to be expected to rebuild our local press when this mess is over with? Will we have the money?

Lenthal Kaup


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