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Readers from around the mid-valley region weigh in on a variety of issues of the day

COVID-19 closes Woodburn grange

In an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, Woodburn Grange #79 has closed their doors to all activity for the month of September.

There will be no flea market, Zumba, Taekwondo, church services or bible talks for the month in hopes of stopping the spread of the virus.

We apologize for the inconvenience to our renters and their guests.

If COVID-19 is still raging at the end of September, the closure may be extended until such time as sufficient people are vaccinated and/or wear masks to safeguard the Woodburn community once again.

Jan Petroski, Woodburn

Town's reputation extends beyond its borders

To the editor:

Goodbye Newberg ... I won't be spending another penny there in my monthly travels.

Jim Nikirk, Oakland

We need only one flag to show our pride

To the editor:

OK, people of Newberg. Oh, heck, all you people. Now is the time to come forward and get your flag displayed. All you Latinos out there let's get the Caesar Chavez flag out. Native Americans let your voices be heard. Asian Americans, Hawaiian Islanders, European descendants -- let's go. We need to get these flags out there because we also matter. Don't we?

Oh, wait. We already have a flag that honors all of us. It's the red, white and blue flag of the United States of America. It's the flag that has endured and has served us well.

Some of you probably remember starting your school day off with the Pledge of Alligance: "One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

Let's get it together and realize all lives matter, period. If you have the chance to go to YouTube and watch Mr. Red Skeleton tell you about the American flag and explain the Pledge of Alligance, you'll be pleased.

Don Meyers, Newberg

School board continues path to being rogue

To the editor: The Newberg school board continues on its path to being rogue. I must express my extreme displeasure about receiving notice for a special board meeting to discuss three very important and controversial subjects all without public comment allowed. Per the agenda, these include removal directive of BLM, Pride and political signs ban; appointing board members to board committees and the governor's mask mandate and local control options.

Sneaky too, to email the notice just over the 24-hour period required for special meetings.

Is this really the board's concept of transparency and stated intent to listen to, and serve, all of its constituents? Jack Kriz, Newberg

Public oversight is crucial

To the editor:

Here we go again, the ignorant urban members of the Pamplin Media Group editorial board are buying the line of nonsense put forth by the Portland democrat political machine to benefit their own personal financial passion.

The Portland mass media writes about the problem with communicating between voters and their legislature, but the rural voters know the facts and that is a different story all together.

Formal public legislative committee hearings are not held to write laws. That was done long ago. Today the process to write proposed laws starts at the beginning of the election campaign when ideas are proposed and discussed in public. Voters should be paying attention to what the candidate says; the campaign talk isn't just noise.

The formal legislative committee hearings and the formal house floor debate is to gauge public support for a piece of proposed legislation.

Why didn't the GOP legislatures use the walk out to enforce their minority rights this winter? Who cares what the Portland media may write? It is rural Oregon voter rights that are important.

The problems this past winter were caused when Gov. Kate Brown got into trouble handling the COVID-19 virus pandemic. She panicked. Locking the public out of the state Capitol building had no effect on the COVID-19 virus, but it greatly interfered with public communication with their legislative representatives.

When the cat is locked away, the mice love to play. Loose money laying around is sure tempting. And by the looks of things, some people took advantage of it.

When the public is not around, who do you tell about other weak legislator's loose morals? Everyone else is acting like pigs.

I personally have seen conditions like this and worse before. The thing that has always cleaned up the mess was when enough people become aware of the state of our political leaders personal morals and did something.

Lenthal Kaup, Gervais

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