It’s amazing how little random acts of kindness can make a big difference in our lives and sometimes even the lives of our pets. Maybe it’s a treat given to your dog by the teller in the bank drive-thru, a pat on their head by the pet store employee or just a simple greeting from a stranger as you and your dog pass by on the street. All of these acknowledge our pets and the role they play in making our lives just a little bit happier.

A few months ago the employees at Woodburn Pet Hospital experienced such an act. However, this was no small act; in the eyes of the pet owner it was a huge act of kindness. The owner had a 1 1/2-year-old border collie Lab mix named This X-ray shows what getting hit by a car did to a local dog, whose life was saved thanks to a Good Samaritan.“Zailey” and it was tragically hit by a car one evening. After doing a quick Google search they found Woodburn Pet Hospital online, placed a call and were connected to the after-hours service. The client and her dog were met at the clinic just a few minutes later. Measures were taken to make the dog comfortable that evening with a promise to do an X-ray to survey the extent of damages and give an update in the morning.

After the morning X-rays (pictured above right) it was clearly evident that the dog had a badly broken leg. It would require orthopedic surgery to repair, which combined with emergency fees, came at a price tag of approximately $2,500. The owner came to the clinic early the next morning to hear the report and was devastated after learning of the cost required for the necessary surgery. They simply could not cover the costs and unfortunately didn’t qualify for Pet Care credit, a third party credit service for pet expenses. After much deliberation they somberly decided they would need to have Zailey put down because they could not afford the surgery.

While this conversation was taking place in the clinic and employees were making plans for the euthanization, another client who brought her dog in for a grooming service overheard the story. When she realized the dog was going to have to be put down, she stepped up and made no hesitation to offer to cover the surgery. There was no question in her mind that this was the right thing to do and she asked for nothing in return except to know that the dog would be saved and returned to its loving family. The owners were overwhelmed with gratitude aThis is an X-ray of Zailey the dog's post-operative femur fracture.nd joy and couldn’t thank the fellow pet lover enough.

The surgery was performed that same day and the dog was sent home just a few days later with a good prognosis for recovery. The dog and its owner returned for a follow-up visit to have the staples required for surgery removed, and everyone in the clinic was overjoyed to see the happy and thriving dog was recovering well. It was also clearly evident how thankful the owners were for this random act of kindness and how it had made such an impact on their lives.

It just goes to show how random acts of kindness can impact so many people’s and pets’ lives in such a positive way. Not only did this one save a pet’s life but it showed a multitude of people the goodness that exists in people’s hearts. The next time you receive a random act of kindness, pay it forward and watch the effects multiply!

Dr. Patrick L. Paradis is a veterinarian and the owner of Woodburn Pet Hospital. He has been practicing in Woodburn for over 26 years.

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