Woodburn Kiwanis Club celebrates North Marion Middle School students every month from November to May

Kenley Doubrava

COURTESY PHOTO - Kenley DoubravaKenley Doubrava, 11, daughter of Ken and Shari Doubrava and sister to Mitchell, is in the sixth grade.

Her favorite class is math; it is fun for her because it comes naturally to her. Her after-school activities are tap and jazz dance. She also loves growing flowers and plants from seed.

When she grows up, Kenley wants to become a pediatrician because she loves working with children and wants to make sure that they are healthy. After high school, Kenley is planning on attending Oregon State University for its pre-med program.

Her teacher wrote: "As Kenley's STEM and math teacher, I am blessed to spend three periods a day with her. She, for lack of any other way to describe her, is a saint. She has been observed comforting a student who was crying and having a rough day. They are not friends in the traditional sense but Kenley showed love and support anyway. She is exceedingly patient with a special needs student who is always asking for assistance and can be very trying at times. Ms. Doubrava is a helper in the class, not only to students but to me as well. She often asks to file papers or run errands. Kenley does all this and more with a huge smile and also maintains high quality work and a high GPA. It is my pleasure to nominate Kenley Doubrava for this month's Kiwanis Kid award.

Maribel Lomeli

Maribel Lomeli, 12, daughter of Leonel and Damaris Lomeli, is in the seventh grade.

Her favorite classes are humanities and math. Her favorite activity is playing volleyball.

Her future goal is to travel to Paris and Mexico, as well as other places. She LOVES dogs and hopes that plenty of dogs are also in her future. She plans on going to college to be a veterinarian. She's open to suggestions on a good school. She loves her family and plans on staying close to them.

Her teacher wrote, "Maribel is a complete joy to have in the classroom. She is always positive and looking for ways to do her best and to help her peers and teachers. She challenges herself academically and is always looking for ways to make her work more accurate and creative."

Mallory Patzer

COURTESY PHOTO - Mallory PatzerMallory Patzer, 14, daughter of Greg and Megan Patzer and sister to Riley and Matthew, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite class is science and humanities. She enjoys playing basketball and she is also a second-degree black belt in taekwondo.

In the future, Mallory said she isn't sure where she wants to live yet, but she knows that family is important. Mallory hopes to go into the Air Force after high school. After the Air Force she would like to pursue a career in the medical field.

Her teacher wrote: "Mallory is an outstanding student with high expectations for herself and (she) strives for excellence. She works diligently in school which leads to her accomplishing anything she puts her mind to. She has a kind heart and soul with everyone she encounters. It has been an honor and privilege to have Mallory in my class."

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