Woodburn Kiwanis Club honors two students from St. Luke Catholic School this month

Tomas Veliz

COURTESY PHOTO - Tomas VelizTomas Veliz, son of Raul and Marie Veliz and brother to R.J., Katarina and Cruz, is in the eighth grade.

His favorite classes are math and science; he said he enjoys science labs.

Tomas' favorite sport is football. He would like to go to the University of Oregon and work doing something in the sports field, like physical therapy or sports journalism.

One teacher wrote: "Tomas is a well-rounded young adult. He is a dedicated student, and takes seriously the role of a leader in the school. He participates in class leadership opportunities such as reading at Mass, planning service projects and community-building projects such as the haunted house. Tomas is a house ambassador and is a leader who models innovation and always has a great, but new and interesting way of looking at things. He will participate in the Mathfest this weekend."

Another teacher said, "Tomas is a successful athlete and has a knack for staying positive even if things aren't going his way. He is a committed and supportive family member, loyal friend and practicing Catholic. He has a wonderful sense of humor and laughs easily."

A third teacher said the following: "Tomas is a strong communicator who has excellent writing skills, insightful analytical thinking and is able to ask for help and to model listening skills. He easily relates what he is reading to what is happening in his life and helps to make those relevant connections for his classmates."

Chloe Nelson

COURTESY PHOTO - Chloe NelsonChloe Nelson, daughter of Todd and Lisa Nelson, and sister to Alexandra, Maddie, Sophie, Max and Charlie, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite class is math, but she loves all of her other subjects. She would like to go to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and major in interior design. She is also looking forward to going on a mission and having a family someday.

One of her teacher's said: "Chloe has exceptional speaking and writing skills, always bringing an awareness of those in need to discussion. The quality of her work is always above and beyond, not only in her effort, but the final product as well. She enjoys sharing her gifts and talents with others."

Another teacher said about Chloe, "She is incredibly driven: able to set obtainable yet challenging goals, take educational risks and sees the building blocks that will lead her to a bright future."

A third teacher wrote: "Chloe is kind and thoughtful and always polite both to peers and to adults. She looks for ways to be helpful, and can often be found helping others, giving ideas and explaining concepts. Her faith is readily apparent and infused in all she does. We are proud to have Chloe represent St. Luke!"

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