North Marion Middle School kids honored in December by Woodburn Kiwanis Club

Skylar Swinson

COURTESY PHOTO - Skylar SwinsonSkylar Swinson, 12, daughter of Marvin and Kelly Swinson and sister of Spencer, Jacob and Elijah, is in the sixth grade.

Her favorite classes are math and humanities because "there is such a high level of inquiry and collaboration," she said.

Her future goals are to go to college and become a pediatrician. She also dreams of traveling to Australia — she is interested in Australian food.

Her teacher wrote, "Skylar not only does very well academically, but she is also kind to others and contributes to class discussions in positive and meaningful ways."

Luke Frolov

COURTESY PHOTO - Luke FrolovLuke Frolov, 13, son of Fillisata and Tony Frolov and brother of Sirafima and Julien, is in the seventh grade.

His favorite classes are: PE class, because he likes sports and being active, and humanities because of the relaxed atmosphere and the different cultural themes in this course. He is a very social person and relationships are important to him and he has many good friends.

Luke would like to attend a four-year college to study engineering. He has an interest in aerodynamics and would like to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering. He is also very excited about being self-dependent and having a car in the future.

His teacher wrote, "Luke is an exceptional learner with a great deal of in-depth knowledge in a variety of topics. He is a patient, kind and joyful student who has the ability to share his insights in a nonthreatening way, enabling his peers to grow along beside him. It is a pleasure having Luke in humanities class and inspiring his new discoveries and interactions with other students."

Sage Mosqueda

COURTESY PHOTO - Sage MosquedaSage Mosqueda, 13, daughter of Jim and Carrie Mosqueda, sister of Kiegun, Dakota, Skylar, Bryan, Dana, Tasha and Lutasha, is in the eighth grade.

Softball is her favorite activity, and art, PE and math are her favorite classes. She loves challenging herself and working hard.

Her future goals are to go to college, get a job and buy a house.

Her teacher, Justin Jacobs, wrote, "Sage went around her neighborhood collecting food materials for the canned food drive. She brought in over 200 items on her own. Every day she would bring in food items before school started and placed them in my bin. Sage has also changed as a student. She has become a student who wants to be successful at school, and who cares about the work she does. During study hall, Sage will take the time and work the whole period if needed to finish her work. I have known Sage since she was in sixth grade. She has changed so much since that sixth-grade year to where she currently stands as an eighth-grade student. I am so proud of Sage!"

The Kiwanis Club of Woodburn honors middle school students from North Marion, St. Luke, French Prairie and Valor middle schools every month.

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