Woodburn Kiwanis Club honored two students from St. Luke Catholic School this month

Anabelle Davidson

COURTESY PHOTO - Anabelle DavidsonAnabelle Davidson, 12, daughter of Bruce and Shannon Davidson and sister to Mary and Abby, is in the seventh grade.

Her favorite classes are art and English language arts because, she said, "It is easy to interact with the teachers and you can bring your own sense of self into art."

Her future goals are to go to college and become a teacher working with little kids. She is doing the Pre-school Plunge elective this trimester. She would also like to live in the country and have a nice family.

Her nomination says, "Anabelle has a way of bringing respect and honesty into the classroom with a perfect balance. She is courageous in her willingness to share her opinions (even as she is forming them or processing them), her confusion or her disappointment at something in a way that exudes respect for the topic and all those involved in the discussion. Her candidness fosters a true environment of learning, one where people can take risks, be wrong, be unsure and, ultimately, try hard. Anabelle's effort to succeed as a student and an athlete are commendable. Through real grit Anabelle has improved her reading and math scores steadily and learned to think critically, consider other perspectives and communicate her ideas with maturity."

Destani Dysinger

COURTESY PHOTO - Destani DysingerDestani Dysinger, 13, daughter of Toni and Charles Dysinger and sister to Tucker, Kelsi and Otto, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite classes are robotics, because she likes learning how to control technology, and art, because she likes to portray her own sense of style.

Her future goals are to go to college and learn another language so she can be in the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Her teacher wrote, "Destani has approached this school year with unwavering positivity and a genuine sense of service, excited to be an eighth-grader and have a lasting impact on the school community. Destani joined the student leadership team and readily offers her own ideas for school activities and supports other students in their brainstorming. She exercises strong communication skills as a regular reader at Mass, morning prayer and school assemblies. Furthermore, Destani goes out of her way to be helpful in the classroom by participating in discussion, tidying up the room and offering help to anyone she sees in need. She also serves the church by altar serving often. Destani does all of this with a ready and contagious smile! As she prepares to attend Woodburn High School next year, Destani is working hard to grow as a student and further strengthen her reading, writing and math skills while being a well-rounded, sincerely good person who gives graciously to all she meets."

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