The Kiwanis Club of Woodburn honors middle school students every month from October to May


COURTESY PHOTO - Joseph LaDucaJoseph LaDuca, 11, son of David and Elizabeth LaDuca and brother to Philip, is in the sixth grade.

His favorite school activities are field trips and band class.

His future goals are to go to college and become a programmer.

Ms. Dezsofi said, "Joseph is a pleasure to have in class. He follows the Spartan (the school mascot) expectations and is always ready to help any of his classmates or students in the hall. He comes to class prepared with assignments and homework, follows directions the first time asked, stays on task and reads every night as expected. He is a great role model for all our students."


COURTESY PHOTO - Dulce Loya LupianDulce Loya Lupian, 13, daughter of Mana Lupian and Miguel Loya and sister to Oswaldo, Katia and Angel, is in the seventh grade.

Her favorite classes are math, science and social studies, and she also enjoys sports and clubs at school.

Her future goal is to go to college and start a career. She would like to be an actress someday.

Ms. Kershner said, "Dulce is a fantastic student who tries hard, always participates and is always encouraging of her fellow students."


COURTESY PHOTO - Danna SaldivarDanna Saldivar, 13, daughter of Cesar and Myra Saldivar and sister to Pedro, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite school activities are field trips, especially going to the high school to watch plays, as well as school groups like WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) leaders and yearbook club. She also enjoys school sports games and school assemblies, and she said she likes all her classes.

Her future goals are to take some time to relax, find a summer job and get ready for college. She plans to become either a lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher or mental health professional. She hopes to attend Harvard University. In addition, she wants to get a good job, give her parents an awesome vacation and help St. Jude Children's Hospital and Didasko Children's Home. She hopes to buy a house and have a family and a dog.

Mr. Bee said in his nomination: "Danna is a dedicated, hardworking student who looks forward to learning every day. She is respected and well-liked by her peers for her kind, caring and supportive nature. She has a positive outlook on life and is always smiling. She is a French Prairie WEB leader and is actively involved in school clubs. I have no doubt that she will be one of the top students in high school and college, get a great job and one day take her parents on a fabulous vacation."

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