Woodburn Kiwanis Club honors middle school students every month from October to May


Julissa Rios GonzalezJulissa Rios Gonzalez, 11, daughter of Veronica and Israel Rios and sister to Vanessa and Alyssa, is in the sixth grade.

Her favorite class is band, where she plays trumpet. "I love playing different kinds of music and experiencing new songs," she said, adding that her sister plays clarinet and that they practice as a duet.

She said she also likes health class because it involves writing. "I really like writing," she said. "It's one of my favorite things to do since I was in second grade — especially writing stories."

Julissa also enjoys playing soccer on a club team called Thunder, but she's planning to play on the seventh-grade team for Valor next year. She's also thinking about joining the volleyball and track teams.

Outside of school, she likes to draw and play with her dogs: Bella, Gordo and Chato.

In the future, she plans to attend college and maybe pursue a career working with animals, but she's not sure yet.

Mrs. Martinez said, "Julissa is a very hard worker and is constantly wanting to improve her scores on anything she is working on. Julissa is very friendly and welcoming to other students."

Mrs. Broxterman said, "She is always eager to help struggling students and was very good about not falling behind in her classwork. She is a wonderful student!"


Guadalupe Montar PerezGuadalupe Perez Montar, 13, daughter of Modesta Montar and Abundio Perez and sister to Melanie, Dalia and Ricardo, is in the seventh grade.

She enjoys math class because her teacher helps her improve. "My math teacher Mr. Uruza works really hard to help me understand the concepts," she said. "I am starting to really like math now — I didn't really like it before."

She also loves band, where she plays clarinet. "I was inspired to join band because it was so interesting to learn the fingerings on the instrument and because I love music so much," she said.

Outside of school, Guadalupe volunteers at her church as an altar server and researches animals, watching videos about them.

This fits with her goals, which are to go to college and become a veterinarian. "This is something I have been thinking more and more about as I am getting older because I am so interested in animals," she said. "I always feel bad when animals get hurt so I want to do something that help them get better."

Mrs. Hunt-Kievit said about Guadalupe: "She is amazing, kind and just an all-around awesome kid! Guadalupe works hard in her classes and cares about her education. She is always willing to help others and her hard work shows in her very good grades!"


Roberto Pablo PabloRoberto Pablo Pablo, 14, son of Macario and Santos and brother to Marcelino, Rudy and Schneider, is in the eighth grade.

His favorite class is math because it comes easier to him. "Sometimes I help others in my class if they have questions or need help figuring out how to do a problem," he said. He participates in after-school math tutoring to make sure he understands the work, but also because he really enjoys it.

He also likes art class because of the hands-on projects and ability to be creative. Plus, he loves drawing. He hopes to take art classes in high school.

He also hopes to compete on the track team this spring and play soccer for the high school in the fall. Soccer is something he does for fun with his brother at Centennial Park. "Weekends you will find us there playing soccer!" he said.

Roberto plans to attend a university but he is not sure yet what he wants to do for his career. He hopes in the future to discover careers where he can use his interests in both math and art.

Mrs. Martinez said, "Roberto is so respectful, constantly on task, on top of his schoolwork, and works so incredibly well with his peers."

Mrs. Salm said, "Roberto Pablo is very respectful, hardworking and eager to learn! In his short time that he has been in school at Valor he has made huge progress. Roberto is improving every day!"

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