No female juniors from North Marion School District applied for week-long program

As the 2018 week-long Oregon Girls State session June 17-23 at Willamette University wound down, there were some regrets for leaving the many acquaintances and friendships culminated because promise of some returnees are legislated for next June's 2019 session.

That's when the delegates will be governed by Eleanor "Ellie" Stuart, elected the last day of Girls State 2018 to work with some additional judges and officers for next summer's Girls State week.

Stuart just completed her junior year at Sprague High School in South Salem, endorsed by her counselor Eric Sturgis and sponsored by Aurora Unit #110, ALA. She was a worthy candidate nominated by her political party in the "mock" government elections, set up by Oregon's American Legion Auxiliary.

"Governor Ellie" is the daughter of Jon and Emily Stuart, of Salem.

Her mother recalls being privileged to attend Girls State during her high school junior year in Utah.

When Aurora Unit #110, ALA, recruited no applicant from the local high school, introduction to Stuart was a welcome opportunity for unit members to continue sending a junior to this life-changing program.

From Aurora 110, two members have presided, one year each, as president of Oregon's ALA, serving veterans and their families.

Unit 110 is geographically part of District 2, of Oregon's 10 auxiliary districts.

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