North Marion Middle SChool students were picked as Kiwanis Terrific Kids in November

Lexie Briggs

Lexie BriggsLexie Briggs, 11, daughter of Mandy and Billy Briggs and sister of Emmett, Quenten, Ellie, Brock and Jolie, is in the sixth grade.

Her favorite classes are math and writing.

Because her family members have adopted children in the past, she said that's something she thinks she might do someday. She also hopes to go to college to become a nurse.

Her teacher wrote about her: "Lexie has a strong work ethic and cooperative attitude. When she completes her work, she helps her peers to be successful."

Arianna Lewis

Arianna LewisArianna Lewis, 12, daughter of Leah and Troy Pruett and sister of Tony and Lorelai, is in seventh grade.

Her favorite school activities are choir, science, financial literacy and track.

Her future goals are to go to college, but she's not sure what she wants to be. She is considering becoming a veterinarian.

Her teacher wrote: "All of the teachers agree that Ari is an asset to the school. She is an example to other students on kindness and consideration. She is responsible for her work and a good listener and friend."

Paige Helm

Paige HelmPaige Helm, 14, daughter of Derek and Stacey Helm and sister of Maddi and Zach, is in eighth grade.

Her favorite school activities and classes are band and leadership, which means she is also a WEB leader. She likes band because she can play her clarinet and leadership is fun and engaging.

She would like to attend Oregon State University because they have a great education program and her mom is an alumna of OSU.

"Paige is a very hard worker who will go above and beyond to make sure what she is doing is done well and correctly," her teacher wrote. "She was part of student council last year and attended every meeting, student store duties during lunch and was a reliable student council member. Paige is very respectful toward her peers and adults and always speaks kind words."

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