The school selected two middle school students for November as Woodburn Kiwanis Terrific Kids

Mark Hammelman

Mark HammelmanMark Hammelman, 12, son of Claire and Bruce Hammelman and brother of Grace, John, Andrew and Jacob, is in seventh grade.

Mark loves art, science and soccer. He loves being outdoors and says that's the best part of the family farm. He enjoys video games and his favorite movie is "Star Wars." Mark would like to go to college and study agriculture and someday run the family farm.

Mark's teachers say he is extremely knowledgeable about history and is curious about international affairs. He is a responsible student, focused during class and turns in all assignments. He is mature during class discussions and asks intriguing questions and can connect points to lead to conclusions. Mark is kind and polite and is committed to his faith. He is involved in his home parish and concerned with living out his faith.

Grace Bischoff

Grace BischoffGrace Bischoff, 13, daughter of Angela and David Bischoff and sister of Austin, Aaron, Gianna, Gabriel and Cora, is in eighth grade.

Her favorite activity is reading (her favorite book is "Lord of the Rings" and she enjoys listening to old country music, as in "Loretta Lynn old." She also enjoys elk hunting with her older brother. Some day she wants to visit Germany.

Grace's teachers shared that she is very artistic and especially likes drawing. They said Grace has worked hard on successful school habits and it shows. She is thoughtful about her work and is keeping up on her assignments. She is respectful of the classroom environment and doesn't distract others. Grace is a kind friend, especially when someone needs a quiet listener or moral support.

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