Multiple winners at Woodburn Dragstrip on Saturday, two races remain in Sunoco series

The Woodburn Dragstrip completed the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #13, Modern MuscleCar #4, Super Shifter #5, LX Club, NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact #4, World of Speed Jr Racing #10, Run Tuff, Jr Tuff, and Test & Tune under sunny skies on Saturday

With two races remaining in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, the top five points leaders in Super Pro are:

Ken Sweo with 520 points, Mark Dawson with 470, John Chitwood with 460 points, Dan/Vicki Shepherd with 450 points, and Kurt Gross with 440 points.

In Pro: Steve Kelly with 590 points, David Bronec with 530 points, Mike Hansen with 530 points, Pat Figini with 520 points, and Jeff Taylor with 500 points.

In Sportsman: Tony Bombara with 550 points, Tracy Herinckx tied with Derrick Jackson with 520 points, Earl Eberly with 490 points, and Robert Glafka tied with 440 points.

With three races remaining in Modern MuscleCar, the top five points leaders are: Dalton Carter with 210 points, Dan Powell with 170 points, Tyler Ellis with 160 points, and Karen Kalsch and Angelo Palamaris tied with 140 points.

With two races remaining in Super Shifter, the top five leaders are: Mark Boehi with 270 points, John Masterman with 260 points, Bernd Arndt with 220 points, Steve Caruth with 160 points, and Bruce Poppino with 130 points.

With two races remaining in NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact, the top five points leaders are: Scott Parks with 180 points, Chris Langford with 150 points, Bernd Arndt with 140 points, Bud Kuhns with 120 points, and Eric Steen with 110 points.

The LX Club winner was Austin Mager. The Run Tuff winner was Susan Wikfors.

With two races remaining in the World of Speed Jr. Racing Series, the top five points leaders in Jr. Lightning are Austin Varner with 520 points, Nicholas Karr with 340 points, Ava Glenn with 320 points, and Dylan Hough, Ramon Vincent & Conner Rice in a 3-way tie for 5th with 310 points.

In Jr. Thunder: Logan Scrivner with 430 points, Jayden Bigsby and Ryan Bese tied with 340 points, Ryan Dick with 310 points, Duncan Gray with 210 points.

In Jr. Storm: Kiera Rice with 390 points, Kody Bigsby with 350 points, Katie Chapman with 340 points, Maguire Gray with 320 points, and Jed Biscay 300 points.

Jr. Tuff winner was Ryan Bese.


Super Pro: Mike McManus, '01 Dan Tuttle, .015 Package — Abby's Pizza

Pro: Dean Tabert, '69 Chevy, .029 Package — Pico Wiring Accessories

Sportsman: Dave Sattem, '62 Nova, .067 Package — Luca Oil


Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time (R/T), dial-in (dial), elapsed time (ET) and miles per hour (MPH).

Super pro

Winner: Stephanie Nass, Canby, '01 Undercover, .076 R/T, 8.03 dial, 8.240 ET, 151.20 mph

Runner-up: Bill King, Sandy, '61 Falcon, .022 R/T, 8.23 dial, 8.898 ET, 133.23 mph

Semifinalists: Mike McManus, Happy Valley, and Adam Nicholson, Molalla


Winner: Pat Figini, Oregon City, '69 Mustang, .030 R/T, 10.22 dial, 10.203 ET, 126.33 mph

Runner-up: Jim Goodman, Canby, '68 El Camino, .112 R/T, 11.65 dial, 11.583 115.13 mph

Semifinalists: Hollis Runge, Dallas


Winner: Tracy Herinckx, Vernonia, '73 Nova, .096 R/T, 12.64 dial, 12.649 ET, 106.82 mph

Runner-up: Jerry Weber, Albany, '09 Corolla, .035 R/T, 17.82 dial, 17.809 ET, 77.23 mph

Semifinalists: Scott Parks, Salem, and Luciano Rivas, Vernonia

Modular Musclecar

Winner: John Masterman, Milwaukie, '79 Camaro, .038 R/T, 11.96 dial, 11.971 ET, 101.52 mph

Runner-up: Karen Kalsch, Hillsboro, '12 Challenger, -.041 R/T, 13.65 dial, 13.711 ET, 101.41 mph

Semifinalists: Angelo Palamaris, Albany

Super Shifter

Winner: John Masterman, Milwaukie, '79 Camaro, .038 R/T, 11.96 dial, 11.971 ET, 101.52 mph

Runner-up: Mark Boehi, Brush Prairie, Wash., '78 Camaro, .174 R/T, 10.38 dial, 10.522 ET, 134.24 mph

Semifinalists: Bernd Arndt, Tigard

Napa Import Parts Sport Compact

Winner: Dalton Carter, Hillsboro, '17 Camaro, .188 R/T, 12.31 dial, 12.354 ET, 112.81 mph

Runner-up: Karen Kalsch, Hillsboro, '12 Challenger, -.041 R/T, 13.65 dial, 13.711 ET, 101.41 mph

Semifinalists: Angelo Palamaris, Albany

LX Club

Winner: Austin Mager, Mountlake Terrace, Wash., '14 Challenger, .133 R/T, 12.34 dial, 12.412 ET, 111.98 mph

Runner-up: Rick Livengood, Gresham, '10 Challenger, .121 R/T, 11.65 dial, 11.791 ET, 113.45 mph

Semifinalists: Elizabeth Hicks, Port Orchard, Wash.

Run Tuff

Winner: Susan Wikfors, Eagle, Idaho, '70 Duster, .047 R/T, 11.36 dial, 11.421 ET, 106.34 mph

Runner-up: Kevin Petty, Meridian, Idaho, '71 Demon, .055 R/T, 10.50 dial, 10.829 ET, 126.08 mph

Semifinalists: Edward May, Payette, Idaho, and Ted Hill, Ridgefield, Wash.

Jr. Lightning

Winner: Dylan Hough, Junction City, '14 Mike Boss, .104 R/T, 7.90 dial, 7.964 ET, 78.22 mph

Runner-up: Austin Varner, Astoria, '11 RC4K, .039 R/T, 7.95 dial, 7.940 ET, 78.02 mph

Semifinalists: Ramon Vincent, Stayton, and Connor Rice, Milwaukie

Jr. Thunder

Winner: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, '09 Eickmann, .056 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.936 ET, 67.33 mph

Runner-up: Amelia Hentges, Olympia, Wash., '05 Jr Dragster, .119 R/T, 8.96 dial, 8.962 ET, 73.23 mph

Semifinalists: Jayden Karr, Salem

Jr. Storm

Winner: Katie Chapman, Sandy, '14 RC4K, .046 R/T, 9.97 dial, 9.964 ET, 65.31 mph

Runner-up: Jed Biscay, Toledo, Wash., '01 Coggin, -.002 R/T, 12.02 dial, 11.966 ET, 53.65 mph

Semifinalists: Kody Bigsby, Independence, and Kiera Rice, Milwaukie

Jr. Tuff

Winner: Ryan Bese, Keizer, '04 Eickmann, .092 R/T, 8.96 dial, 8.925 ET, 73.08 mph

Runner-up: Kody Bigsby, Independence, RC4K, .179 R/T, 11.95 dial, 11.906 ET, 54.56 mph

Semifinalists: Tucker Turner, Colton

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