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On June 8th, around 7:00 PM, we received a recovery request from the Alvord Hot springs south east of Oregon. I checked and we only had one volunteer in Harney county where the incident was.

Land Cruiser stuck in the Alvord desertTo say the least, it was a stretch for us to offer a recovery when in the city we have dozens of volunteers and we are lucky when a few respond this late on a week day to a request.

So I submitted the ticket to the only volunteer we had in the area, hoping he would respond. And here comes our hero, Tim Titus and one of his awesome Ford F350s to the rescue.

He replied back within seconds of getting the text message from our system confirming he was going to help. I communicated back with the requester, Tyler Sharp, to let him know help was on its way.

He mentioned somebody else was also stucked who was trying to help him but didn't get enough traction on the mud.

Tyler sent us a few pictures to share on this article. He was our by 9:45 thanks to Tim! Also, Tim recovered the second vehicle stuck.

This was another time I feel the system really works, the fact that we can actually engage people by their county when a request is submitted, instead of waiting for somebody to read and engage in a post on facebook makes a huge difference. Those 700 plus current members in our web app are awesome!

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