Three Corner Rock. Stevenson, WA 98648Toyota Tundra high centered on Service road.

Tate's vehicleAs you can see in the picture Tate was high centered and if it wasn't for that he would have slid off the side of the road. Johny Decided to pull him back to get him centered again and then they proceeded to leave safely don't the mountain.Vehicle high centered

Please Remember that 4 wheel drive is only one of the many tools you need to go off-road, but there are many other tools and techniques you can use:

  • Air Down: (if you are at 30 psi to make a track pattern that will actually help you take it down to 15 psi on a alloy rim. Steel rims you can run as low as 8 psi depending on the width of the rim and size. Steel wheels tend to hold the bead a lot better.
  • Traction Boards: Although there are a lot of different boards out there and they vary on price I would recommend you throw a set in your rig. "Better to have and not use, then not have them at all".
  • Air Down Tool: The most handy little tool you will have in you rig .
  • Good tow strap: you will never know when you need a tug but that one person might see you on the trail and not have a strap so always be prepared with one.
  • Bring an Air compressor.