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She knew her dad was in trouble, with a low cell signal, stranded with a heavy F350. Tabatha, the daughter, immediately jumped into action, looking for help on social media. She didn't have the exact location, and it was hard to figure out where the dad was.

Map of the area where the incident happenedShe came across our Facebook page for Oregon Offroad Recovery, and after submitting a post, we intercept the post and chat with her so she could submit a ticker thru the system

At 8:30 am, we finally got her ticket. The ticked had some partial information, but the admins gathered more information about the request while chatting with Tabatha.

It took us about an hour to coordinate between her and the dad to figure what was needed. The ticket was submitted around 9:30 am, to volunteers and by 10 am, we already had Charles Jordan taking over the first attempt to get them out.

The dad was coming down the area and meeting with the volunteers at noon. From there, our communications were pretty irregular due to lack of service. By 3 pm, after working for a few hours, Jordan finally had to come down too. The stranded vehicle was way too heavy for the winch he had. We re-opened the ticket and alerted Matt Ochoa, who earlier offered help and was standing by available to help after work.

By 6 pm, Matt was up. By the time he got there, he had said they had it pretty much handled, but he was happy to meet some new people and finish getting the rig out safe and sound. By 8 pm, everybody was out.

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