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On Tuesday, January 4th, at 2:20 pm, we received a request from Casey Sadahiro, who had his truck Nissan Armada stuck on snow near Bend, OR.

The volunteers on route to the recoveryHis notes: "stuck at the fork by Dillon falls boat ramp, Nissan Armada, no damage to vehicle, high centered and spinning out. has had snowfall in the area on 1/4/2022 so new snow may make it difficult./ I'm not with the vehicle."

We contacted him, corroborated the details, and prepared the request for the volunteers. By 2:54 pm, the ticket was dispatched. Here is the story by David Gillian, one of the volunteers who participated in the recovery.

At approximately 2 pm, a request for assistance came in. Casey in his Nissan Armada had become stuck in the snow just outside of Bend 2 days prior to the request. He was no longer with the vehicle. The request for help and further investigation indicated that a recent storm had brought 2-3 feet of new snow. Nearly all members did not believe the recovery was likely in the present conditions. Member John S. and his Chevrolet Colorado volunteered to scout the location to see if the recovery was possible.

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