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COURTESY AUTOTRADER.COM - Don't be afraid to ask cars dealers about perks that can sweeten the transaction.If you're interested in buying a car, you're probably thinking about factors such as price, payment and interest rate, but those factors aren't the only ways that a car dealership can give you a deal. A dealer can also offer a few other perks to sweeten a car deal.

Oil changes

If a dealer can't go any lower on a car's price, they may offer you complimentary oil changes for one year, three years or as long as you own the car. If you drive a lot and negotiate free oil changes for as long as you own the car, after six and a half years, you'll save $1,000 in oil changes, which isn't a bad number.

Tire rotations or car washes

Two other tricks in a dealership's bag are tire rotations and car washes. You may prefer more money off the car's total price, but if you add in the cost of tire rotations and car washes over the years, you may find that you can save more money by taking the dealer up on their offer.

Loaner cars

Although many vehicles come with free loaner cars for service visits if they're under warranty, used cars don't always include service loaner privileges. That's where this offer could come in handy, especially if you don't want to burden a friend with a request to follow you to the dealer when your car is being serviced or if the dealer is a long way from your home or office.

Pickup and drop-off

If you can't have loaner cars, you might want to try another dealer perk: pickup and drop-off for service visits. While some dealers perform this service for drivers who live or work within a few miles of their location, you might be able to negotiate this for a longer distance if it helps finalize a car sale.

Our take

While most car shoppers only think about the bottom line, each of the perks described may help you in the long run, even if you end up paying a little more than you were expecting when buying the car. In fact, if we were buying a car today, we'd strongly consider the monetary value of any perk the dealer offered, as it might end up being a better offer than a few more hundred dollars off the selling price.

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