Tire company announces recycling and sustainability targets at Movin' On conference in Monteal.

COURTESY MICHELIN - Cyrille Roget, group technical and scientific communication director at Michelin, speaking in Montreal.Michelin, the world's largest tire company, announced new sustainability goals this week at the company's second annual Movin' On conference in Montreal, Quebec.

Cyrille Roget, group technical and scientific communication director at Michelin, announced that by 2048, the company's goal was to have 80% of its products made from recycled or sustainably produced materials, and that 100% of used tires would be recycled or upcycled into different products. Currently, 70% of used tires are collected worldwide, and half of those are recycled.

To achieve those goals, Michelin has invested in smaller companies with enabling technology that increases the utility of recycled materials. If the goals are achieved, Roget stated that the materials savings would be equivalent to 33 million barrels of oil per year.

Additionally, Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard emphasized the importance of public-private partnership in increasing mobility options. "I can't think of a single area of progress where public-private collaboration is not the way forward," he said, adding, "We can try anything with our own will, but if there's no regulation, at some point you're going to go into a wall."

Michelin's Movin' On conference is attended by mobility stakeholders from around the world, and is designed to demonstrate new mobility products and solutions from established companies and startups. Representatives of city and state governments attend to confer on mobility strategies and share experiences.

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