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This INSIDER is brought to you by Tanner Spring Assisted Living and Memory Care expert -Assisted Living and Memory Care - Senior INSIDER

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During these Covid-19 Precautions, we recognize the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing, and increased handwashing for everyone's physical health and safety.

But at the same time, what are we doing to maintain our mental health and joy?

It's essential for our mental health to continue to interact with family, family of choice, and friends. Tanner Spring Assisted Living and Memory Care promotes physical and mental health for residents by incorporating meaningful and fun activities while following safety protocols. For instance, our Resident's Sunday service is performed in a large common area outside the formal dining room where chairs are placed in a large circle ensuring everyone is socially distanced but still close enough for everyone to hear the person leading the service. All takes place while everyone is wearing the proper personal protective equipment. You can't be too safe in a senior living community or around seniors in general. Afterward, residents stay to visit and perhaps talk about the message that was received.

Numerous activities take place daily, such as bingo, played in the formal dining area with each Resident at a table strategically seated six feet or more apart, ensuring social distancing. At the same time, the caller uses a microphone and speaker for everyone to hear. Whether the residents are being enriched spiritually or just having fun, Tanner Spring Assisted Living, and Memory care takes all necessary precautions to keep its residents safe, happy, and joy-filled.

Tanner Spring

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