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Oregon State University released the names of students on the scholastic honor roll for the fall term. To qualify, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of coursework. The following students from West Linn earned spots on the honor roll by earning a 4.0 grade-point average.

Marina R. Cameron, senior, environmental engineering; Jackson W. Carter, junior, pre-computer science; Haley M. Chapman, senior, management.

Jesslyn K. Gillespie, sophomore, English; Sarah E. Gilroy, freshman, pre-general engineering; Eva B. Greeff, senior, liberal studies.

Joshua D. Hinz, freshman, pre-athletic training; Andrea E. Horn, sophomore, pre-chemical engineering.

Jack R. Lammers, junior, English; Melanie L. Leschorn, senior, animal sciences.

Jonathan H. Macemon, sophomore, pre-electical and computer engineering; Olivia T. Mahnic, senior, animal sciences; Danielle N. Mastrich, post baccalaureate, human development and family science.

Scott F. Schaub, senior, finance.

Thomas Trischman, post baccalaureate, earth sciences,

Nicolas R. Varela, senior, mechanical engineering; Austin R. Volk, senior, mechanical engineering.

Nicole S. Zavoshy, sophomore, biology.

The following West Linn residents qualified for the honor roll by earning a grade-point average of 3.5 or better.

Hannah M. Acre, senior, public health.

Alexander Bailey, freshman, pre-computer science; Kayla N. Bouchard, freshman, university exploratory studies; Parker R. Bruns, freshman, pre-mechanical engineering.

Julia N. Cameron, sophomore, liberal studies; Corinne M. Carver, sophomore, pre-communication; Chelsey R. Chapman, senior, ecological engineering; Erin K. Chappell, senior, human development and family science; Sarani Chatterjee, junior, bioengineering; Anthoney J. Chay, sophomore, pre-construction engineering management; Chloe K. Christensen, sophomore, pre-business; Alicia J. Collier, freshman, biochemistry and biophysics; Colin Q. Comard, sophomore, pre-electrical and computer engineering.

Mihai Dan, freshman, pre-computer science.

Brock L. Edwards, senior, finance; Trevor J. Eisele, freshman, political science.

Katherine M. Fogarty, senior, English.

Olivia N. Grenier, freshman, pre-civil engineering; Alec D. Grimmett, junior, liberal studies; Lacey A. Gunther, freshman, environmental sciences.

Kyle R. Harris, sophomore, pre-chemical engineering; Natalie S. Harris, junior, nutrition; Brynn L. Hayes, senior, exercise and sport science; Mackenzie L. Hill, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Jessica M. Hummel, post baccalaureate, nutrition.

Kendall C. Jorgensen, senior, sociology.

Peter O. Kagey, senior, bioengineering; Lubna Khan, junior, biochemistry and biophysics; Matthew T. Kim, sophomore, biology; Lisa L. Kirkemo, senior, biochemistry and biophysics.

Amanda M. Lachner, junior, chemical engineering; Mitchell L. Locke, senior, finance; Samantha R. Lyons, freshman, university exploratory studies.

Jordan P. Machtelinckx, senior, civil engineering; William G. Maurer, junior, mechanical engineering; Brigitta M. McVicker, freshman, pre-computer science; Alexa L. Miller, senior, liberal studies; Dylan T. Monaco, junior, radiation health physics.

Samuel J. Nicholson, freshman, pre-mechanical engineering; Taylor A. Nopson, freshman, sociology; Kayla A. Nowlin, senior, environmental sciences.

Caitlin M. O’Neil, freshman, human development and family science.

Alexandra M. Peterson, senior, environmental science; Elliot E. Prince, sophomore, university exploratory studies.

Catherine A. Quisling, sophomore, general science.

Emily A. Reed, freshman, psychology; Scott M. Reimer, sophomore, pre-energy systems engineering; Mikaela B. Ritter, freshman, general science.

Jonathan G. Shepherd, senior, fisheries and wildlife science; Alexander M. Smith, freshman, university exploratory studies; Christian B. Smith, freshman, university exploratory studies; Marissa K. Solini, sophomore, applied visual arts; Amanda J. Sutton, senior, speech communication; Maggie P. Swalko, senior, exercise and sport science.

Benjamin Trussell, sophomore, exercise and sport science.

Aimee N. Vrvilo, sophomore, pre-business; Blaine A. Vrvilo, senior, industrial engineering.

Kaitlyn N. Wells, sophomore, microbiology; Alexis V. Welp, senior, human development and family science.

Tessa S. Yost, freshman, pre-bioengineering.

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