WL resident has stolen purse returned by mail almost one year after theft

Almost one year ago, in May 2013, West Linn resident Dalia Leitz had a purse stolen from her garage.

Leitz had left the purse in her car and forgotten to close the garage door, thus leaving a tantalizing opportunity for a passing thief. In the aftermath, Leitz prayed that her purse would be returned, but her husband, Steve Leitz, was not holding out hope.

That is, until he returned home recently and found a missed delivery note from FedEx. When the package was delivered the next morning, Feb. 26, Steve Leitz opened it to find not only his wife's purse — with most of its contents intact, including earrings and credit cards — but also a $100 bill and an unsigned apology letter.

"I'm not sure how to feel about it," Steve Leitz said. "I'm glad to see the purse and jewelry back, and I'm glad to see that this person is trying to get their life together."

Indeed, the anonymous writer claimed to have been intoxicated when the burglary occurred, and said that in the aftermath he or she had started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

"They said they regretted doing it," Leitz said, "and that they're in Alcoholics Anonymous now and turning their life around."

Steve Leitz contacted police shortly after receiving the package. According to West Linn Police Sgt. Dave Kempas, the responding officers were able to identify a suspect, though as of Friday afternoon police had not made an arrest.

"I haven't seen anything like this before," Kempas said. "I've heard about it happening in other places, but it's never happened in the time I've worked here."

Kempas said that, if caught, the suspect would likely face burglary and theft charges.

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