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Since she was little Hannah Deeb has been what she describes as “technology savvy.” When one of her parents would get a new cell phone it was Hannah who would get the first turn, skipping any tutorials while managing the settings and the installation of anything needed to get things up and running.

Trying to figure out exactly how Hannah, now a senior at West Linn High School, had mastered the device was somewhat irritating for her mother, Becki Deeb, especially when she’d struggle to grasp the technology herself. But even then she realized the unique gifts and untapped potential her youngest daughter possessed.

“I didn’t understand why it was hard for them,” Hannah says. “My mom would say ‘Hannah, your mind works in incredible ways and that’s what makes you special.”

The family just learned that Hannah’s love of technology — and her mother’s support of it — has resulted in an upcoming customized tour and job shadow opportunity at the headquarters of the Google empire.

Hannah calls her fascination with learning how different gadgets work, along with her passion for art and creativity, a recipe for her dream job at Google.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Hannah Deeb, right, gives her mom, Becki, a kiss on the cheek.

“I would like to work for Google because of what they stand for,” she says. “Google embraces individuality and all sorts of creativity — that every Idea is a good idea, and most of all their motto is ‘Don’t Be Evil.’ Who wouldn’t want to work for Google?”

Becki, along with her husband and Hannah’s father Mohammad Deeb, has supported her daughter’s desire to join the high-tech giant since the idea first sprouted, encouraging Hannah to strive for her dreams.

All was well until Becki Deeb, 49, became sick in the beginning of 2015. She was soon diagnosed with Stage Four bile duct cancer after doctors discovered more than 50 tumors in her liver. Six months later, after aggressive chemotherapy and radiation as well as four different liver surgeries, the prognosis isn’t good. Doctors have given her less than a month, despite the thousands of dollars in medical procedures and tests.

Hannah says that through all the hard times this past year her mother has always remained calm, a constant pillar of strength despite the constant pain she’s had to endure. Having spent the better part of her life as a nurse, Becki is used to putting others before herself, and by all accounts has continued to do so since her diagnosis.

Her focus for the futures of her three daughters — Hannah, the youngest; Jaclyn, the middle daughter; and Najla, the eldest — has never faltered. Her biggest concern remained with Hannah and her dream, one Jaclyn Deeb decided to facilitate. Jaclyn, who wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a nurse, reached out to family friend Julie Edwards, who had a loose connection at Google.

“When my mother’s illness started to progress I naturally felt like I needed to help my family by taking control of things my mother otherwise would,” Jaclyn says. “So when I heard that my mom wanted to take Hannah to the Google Headquarters I knew that she would not be able to do so because her cancer was getting worse. I’m doing this because my mom cannot. This is what my mom would have wanted and I would do anything for my mom as well as Hannah. She’s my baby sister and I love them both so much.” SUBMITTED PHOTO: - From left, Hannah, Mohammed, Becki, Jaclyn and Najla Deeb take a family photo.

Soon, Hannah was presented with an opportunity none of the Deebs had anticipated. Through Edwards, a close partner with Google — Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA Systems — reached out to her, offering a chance to visit Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

“My mom knows I’ve always wanted to work for Google,” Hannah says. “When she started getting sick, she decided she wanted to see ‘where I was going to work.’ Let’s just say my mom knows how special this trip is to me.”

While Becki won’t be able to make the trip, set for Dec. 21, she hopes to see pictures and video and hear about the incredible experience straight from Hannah when she returns home.

“We’re fortunate to do what we do and it’s our duty to give back to our community as well as inspire the next generation of tech enthusiasts,” Safoian says. “It’s our pleasure to help grant the Deeb family’s wish to spend a day at Google Headquarters to learn from industry experts. We wish the Deeb family the best during this tough time and know Becki and her daughters will inspire others to make dreams come true.”

Safoian will meet Hannah at Google Headquarters and worked with the Google team to set up a customized job shadow and tour to meet Hannah’s tech interests, ranging from emerging technologies in software and programming to coding.

Becki’s long medical journey has meant a great deal of medical bills, eating into money that had previously been set aside for college for Hannah and her sisters. To compensate, the West Linn community has started a Go Fund Me page to try and balance out the costs. While Hannah hopes to attend college after she graduates this spring, she’s most concerned with enjoying her upcoming trip. Even more important, though, is the remaining time she has with her mother.

“My mom is the strongest person I know,” Hannah says. “My mom is using all her strength and spirit through everything. All I can say is that I am so extremely proud of her.”

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