In the coming weeks the Tidings will 'expose' special pets in a feature we call 'Tidings Pet Confidential.'

A community is only as great as its pets, right? We know West Linn has some great ones out there and we want to give those critters their moment in the sun. In the coming weeks the Tidings will regularly "expose" special pets in a feature we call "Tidings Pet Confidential."


Name: Sunny

Age: 13

Breed: Yellow Labrador

Favorite food: An entire extra-large combination pizza from Papa Murphy's — the meal I famously ate off the kitchen table when my masters were setting the table.

Favorite toy: Any type of ball that can be used for fetch, including but not limited to tennis balls, baseballs, squeaky balls, softballs. You name the ball and chances are I've fetched it. Over, and over, and over again.

The best thing I've ever done is: Make my belly available for tummy rubs whenever my masters feel the urge to give massages.

The worst thing I've ever done is: There was the time I scaled the eight-foot high fence in the backyard, ran away from home, and nearly made it onto the school bus to see my human brothers before being apprehended. Or when the Halloween candy disappeared. My masters never found the candy, but they did find multiple candy wrappers in the presents I like to leave behind in the backyard. My owners also never learned to love my favorite hobby: stealing loaves of bread only to bury them across the property.

When I see other animals my reaction is to: Bark menacingly and quickly cower with my tail between my legs when the other animals call my bluff.

My life philosophy is: Just fetch it, and when your throwing demands aren't being met — break out the puppy eyes.

Dossier information provided by Andrew Kilstrom

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