Prepare for disasters in our region and apply for a community grant from City of West LInn

Learn how to be better prepared for the Big One

Worried about the Cascadia earthquake after the most recent reports?

If so, the City of West Linn sponsors the Map Your Neighborhood, which is a volunteer-run program that helps neighborhoods prepare to care for each other when disaster strikes. The program helps citizens organize a timely response to disasters neighborhood by neighborhood.

This program will teach citizens what to do in case of a disaster or other emergency. Disasters, by definition, are events that overwhelm police, fire, medical and 911 emergency responders.

By working with your neighbors as a team and contributing as an individual, you will help develop a stronger and safer community.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organizations can apply for community grants

The City of West Linn has a limited amount of funding available for community organizations' requests for support for their yearly events, operations and activities.

Community organizations are asked to submit a standardized form each spring so all requests received by the City can be similarly evaluated during the community grant allocation process. The budget typically includes an allocation to qualifying organizations.

Neighborhood Associations are not eligible for the Community Grant Program. The grant request form is designed for community-based organizations that are interested in receiving grant funding for specific, planned events and activities occurring between July and June of the coming year.

Although the City budgets on a biennial (two-year) basis, the request must be submitted for each of the fiscal years.

Submitted application forms (attached below) are evaluated by the citizen members of the Citizens' Budget Committee.

This citizen group determines how best to allocate available funding based upon the criteria and develops their recommendations which are forwarded to the City Council for approval.

To apply or learn more visit

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