The average single family residential customer will see a $.92 increase in their monthly bill

Come July 1, West Linn residents will notice a slight hike on their waste and recycling bills.

The West Linn City Council voted unanimously Monday, June 18, to approve a 3.71 percent increase in the monthly rate for West Linn Refuse and Recycling (WLRR) services.

The monthly rates cover collection, disposal and a franchise fee, and the 2018 increase is standard as the City enters its 10th year under its current solid waste and recycling franchise agreement with WLRR.

In "non-detailed rate years" such as this one, the increase is calculated based on industry factors like Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the most recent 12-month period ending Dec. 31 as well as the Metro disposal rate (as of March 1).

Between July 1, 2016 and this year, Metro disposal fees increased 2.64 percent — from $94.95 to $97.45 per ton — while yard debris disposal fees went up by 22.35 percent, from $8.95 to $10.95 per cubic yard.

"This (rate increase) reflects slightly higher costs for the services we're getting," West Linn Community Development Director Jon Williams said. "There's no impact to the City budget because this is a rate charged to residents of the city."

According to a memo prepared by WLRR President Andy Kahut, the average single family residential customer will see a $.92 increase in their monthly bill — from $24.78 per month to $25.70. The last rate increase went into effect July 1, 2016.

Before the increase, West Linn's rates were on the mid to low end compared to other Portland metro area cities, ranking just below Tigard ($24.87 per month) and above Canby ($23.76).

The council approved the increase without much discussion, though several councilors thanked Kahut and WLRR for what they deemed to be excellent service throughout the city.

Mayor Russ Axelrod added, however, that trucks sometimes drive too fast through his neighborhood.

In other recycling news, the City was informed in early June that the Recology company no longer wishes to operate the Dan Davis Recycling Yard.

S&H Logging has expressed interest in taking over operations at the property, and the council will discuss that proposal at a June 25 meeting.

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