The trail has long been a dream of Friends of Maddax Woods volunteers and Dorothy Maddax herself

TIDINGS PHOTO: PATRICK MALEE - The City installed two bridges along the trail as part of its work, and expects to complete the project by mid-October. When the annual Lighting of the Maddax Woods takes place later this fall, visitors may be able to take a brand new route to the festivities.

Construction of a new quarter-mile trail from the West Linn Public Library down to the Maddax Woods Park is about 80 percent complete, according to West Linn Parks and Recreation Director Ken Worcester. The trail has long been a dream of Friends of Maddax Woods volunteers and Dorothy Maddax herself, and Worcester said work should finally be complete by mid-October.

"It's a connection from the library down to Maddax Woods, to get people off Burns Street," Worcester said. "It's a pretty treacherous street, so there's no easy way to walk down to that area."

Part of the trail was completed by local Eagle Scouts, while the City took care of the more heavy duty construction of bridges over Bolton Creek.

"We've got the bridges in, and we just need to do a little bit of backfilling and grading to make the top part of the trail work with the bridges," Worcester said.

He added that the trail has long been included in the Maddax Woods master plan, and the parks department was adding to the initial stretch of trail that was laid by volunteers previously.

"(The trail) just kind of showed up, but then we realigned it and had some Eagle Scouts work on it," Worcester said.

TIDINGS PHOTO: PATRICK MALEE - City arborist Mike Perkins works on installing part of the trail.

Completion of the trail has been on the Parks department's docket for a few years, but a number of factors kept the project from being completed earlier.

"We got so far behind because of storms and stuff — it was just one of those things where we had a bunch of (other) stuff to do," Worcester said. "But fall is a good time for us; park activities slow down."

Longtime Maddax Woods volunteer Alma Coston said she was excited to see the trail nearing completion, many years after the idea was sparked by Dorothy Maddax herself.

"(It was) something Dorothy wanted from the beginning," Coston said. "She had donated money to the library at the time she bequeathed (the park property to the City), in order to have the connection.

Coston believed the trail will help create more synergy between the library, Central Village shopping center and the unique natural beauty of Maddax Woods.

"I can see where it would be a benefit to the business district to have the connection," she said.

"People could park up there and enjoy the restaurants and everything that we have right there — the grocery store, library. It would just be beneficial to the Bolton neighborhood to have it all come together."TIDINGS PHOTO: PATRICK MALEE - The trail will provide a valuable connection between the library and Maddax Woods Park.

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