Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department


n 9/29 3:22 a.m. A man said he got into an altercation with someone who was trying to molest his girlfriend, and now there were five people outside his townhome saying they were going to hurt his girlfriend.

n 9/29 1:59 p.m. A caller said someone was in her house looking for knives and threatening her.

n 9/29 4:24 p.m. An attempted break-in was reported near the 2000 block of 8th Avenue.

n 9/29 7:08 p.m. A chair was seen in the middle of the road on I-205.

n 9/29 9:46 p.m. A possible gunshot was heard near the 1300 block of 4th Street.

n 9/29 11:55 p.m. A child was heard yelling or crying in a house near the 2600 block of Pimlico Drive.

n 9/30 2:14 p.m. A man was sleeping in a vehicle near Village Park Place and Debok Road.

n 9/30 9:40 p.m. A man and woman were arguing verbally.

n 10/1 8:10 a.m. A caller said a cab driver took her somewhere she didn't want to go and she believed he was trying to increase her fare.

n 10/1 8:37 a.m. A person was seen going through garbage cans near the 18300 block of Willamette Drive.

n 10/1 12:11 p.m. Juvenile boys were climbing and leaning over an overpass near the 5200 block of Broadway Street.

n 10/1 3:39 p.m. A suspicious white van was parked with its doors open near Clark Street and Skyline Drive.

n 10/1 3:42 p.m. A suspicious looking vehicle had a person's foot sticking out of it near Webb Street and West A Street.

n 10/2 12:14 a.m. A domestic incident was reported.

n 10/2 3:45 p.m. A vehicle that was suspected of being stolen was found on the other side of the building it was last seen at.

n 10/2 5:59 p.m. A caller said a neighbor was shooting arrows in their backyard.

n 10/2 6:20 p.m. A man said his son was harassing him and climbed in the back of his truck when he tried to leave the house.

n 10/3 9:31 a.m. A man was yelling in the lobby of the police station.

n 10/3 11:29 a.m. A caller said a battery that appeared to be taken from Broadway Toyota was in a dumpster near the 22000 block of Willamette Drive.

n 10/3 11:58 a.m. A caller had questions about panhandling and wondered if it was legal.

n 10/3 12:12 p.m. Kids were either smoking or vaping in a car near Broadway Street and Lewthwaite Street.

n 10/3 7:35 p.m. A suspicious looking man was wandering around a neighborhood near Serango Court and Serango Drive.

n 10/3 7:54 p.m. A caller said his granddaughter came home with a death threat note.

n 10/4 8:13 a.m. A caller said her neighbor's chickens kept coming in her yard.

n 10/5 8:57 a.m. A caller reported a fire alarm in the 20000 block of Noble Lane and the smell of burning plastic in her town home, which shared a common wall with another unit. TVFR responded.

n 10/5 9:23 a.m. A mother reported her son's bike was hit by a rock thrown at the wheels near Rosemont Middle School, causing him to lose control and fall.

n 10/5 12:13 p.m. An assault was reported at West Linn High School.

n 10/5 12:17 p.m. A disabled landscaping truck was blocking the steepest part of Hidden Springs Road; the vehicle was removed.

n 10/5 A suspicious person was reported in a business in the 2000 block of 8th Street, yelling at employees and demanding free food. He left before officers arrived, carrying two gas cans.

n 10/5 2:15 p.m. A mother called to report a business she thought was selling alcohol to minors.

n 10/5 Police were contacted for advice by a woman whose husband had locked her and their children out of the family home, wanting to know what her rights were.

n 10/5 2:43 p.m. Change and other small items were stolen from an unlocked car overnight in the 20000 block of Viewpoint Road.

n 10/5 3:36 p.m. Officers assisted TVFR with a car fire on the 205 southbound ramp at 10th Street.

n 10/5 3:55 p.m. Caller wanted to speak with officers regarding the legal options for a houseguest who had overstayed their welcome in the 19000 block of Suncreast Drive.

n 10/5 6:34 p.m. Police recieved mulitple calls and assisted TVFR with a teenage male on the West A Bridge who was unconcious and appeared to have blue lips.

n 10/5 6:34 p.m. A caller in the 2000 block of Hidden Springs Court reported a loud "Woo Woo" noise coming from the direction of the fire station.

n 10/6 2:43 a.m. A car was reported to be driving northbound in the southbound lanes of I-205.

n 10/5 7:03 a.m. A motorist parking on the Willamette Falls viewpoint on I-205 called for help because she was locked inside her vehicle, which had electric locks and had lost power.

n 10/6 8:35 a.m. The principal of Sunset Primary School reported that the antique school bell in front of the school had been damaged.

n 10/6 6:34 p.m. A caller reported that two kids were running along the top of the Arch Bridge but officers were unable to locate them.

n 10/6 6:57 p.m. Caller reported that she was approached while shopping in WalMart by a neighbor who screamed and cursed at her. She told officers it wasn't the first time she'd had problems with this neighbor, who did not answer the door when officers knocked.

n 10/6 8:15 p.m. Caller reported a silver Izuzu with a group of teens driving through the 2800 block of Beacon Hill Drive, damaging and stealing Halloween decorations.

n 10/7 5:19 p.m. A male caller said the female he was drinking with was displaying "aggressive behavior." Officers responded, the woman went to the neighbor's house.

n 10/7 7:10 a.m. Caller reported a suspended driver in the 2500 block of Debok Road who officers could catch in action when the driver left for church within the hour.

n 10/7 2:07 p.m. 911 Dispatch was called by the fax line at Safeway; a checker had inadvertently dialed emergency.

n 10/7 5:07 p.m. Neighbors reported a nasty-sounding fight between a father and his adult son.

n 10/7 5:36 p.m. Caller reported a West Linn man recently discharged from a drug treatment facility was heading home but threatened to kill himself when he got there. Police contacted the man, who denied he was suicidal and seemed calm.

n 10/7 8:59 p.m. Neighbors near Crestview Drive/Bland Circle reported local kids tossing tennis balls at cars driving by.

n 10/7 6:06 p.m. A concerned father called to report that his ex had their 3-year-old and was sending him nonsensical texts that made him worried she was drunk.


n 10/1 4:43 p.m. A man said someone placed a $590 charge on his granddaughter's debit card.

n 10/3 12:15 p.m. Identification theft was reported.

n 10/3 12:44 p.m. A caller said someone made an order at her online business with a fraudulent credit card.

n 10/4 9:40 p.m. A man said he sold his cell phone to someone in Minnesota and the Paypal account turned out to be a fake.

n 10/6 4:20 p.m. A woman said someone wanted to kill her and was harrassing her, stealing from her and using her birthday and Social Security number, all while going by the name Haley Berry.

n 10/7 4:52 p.m. After a pizza delivery driver insisted on being paid in cash at a home in the 6000 block of Lowell Ave., the caller reported to police that he worried he was scammed.


n 9/30 1:14 p.m. Credit cards were stolen from a car near the 2700 block of Summit Place.

n 10/1 9:50 a.m. A backpack was stolen near the 5400 block of West A Street.

n 10/1 3:36 p.m. A vehicle was reported stolen near the 5400 block of West A Street.

n 10/2 11:48 a.m. A theft was reported near the 2200 block of Brandon Place.

n 10/3 8:46 a.m. Packages were suspected of being stolen near the 5300 block of Summit Street.

n 10/3 4:15 p.m. A theft was reported near the 22300 block of Willamette Drive.

n 10/4 9:32 a.m. Sony headphones valued at $300 were reported stolen near the 5400 block of West A Street.

n 10/4 2:40 p.m. A theft was reported near the 5400 block of West A Street.

n 10/5 9:39 a.m. A Nissan Frontier was reported stolen from the 22000 block of Oregon City Loop.

n 10/5 10:01 a.m. A men's bike was reported stolen overnight in the 6000 block of Holmes St.

n 10/5 2:15 p.m. A theft was reported in the 2000 block of 8th Ave.; a power drill was stolen.

n 10/6 10:17 a.m. A caller reported that someone attempted to steal a heavy planter from the front of her house in the 2000 block of Satter Street, but left it in the driveway after dragging it that far.


n 9/30 1:18 p.m. A hit-and-run accident was reported near the 2600 block of Mark Lane. No one was injured.

n 10/2 6:14 a.m. An accident was reported near Interstate 205 and 10th Street. No one was injured.

n 10/5 A non-injury accident was reported in the 1000 block of 8th Street.

n 10/5 11:22 p.m. A non-injury accident was reported in the 5000 block of Windsor Terrace. The driver ran into a lampost and another car.

n 10/6 12:14 p.m. A caller reported waking up to find a damaged car parked in front of her home and said it looked like it may have hit a light pole and car on her street.

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