West Linn Public Library hosts Harry Potter Night, attendees exceed expectations

PHOTO COURTESY OF KALEIGH HENDERSON - Jules McDaniel participates in a fortune telling class. The green liquid means you will get a lot of money soon.More than 700 youth and adults were led through the world of Harry Potter at the West Linn Public Library Friday, Nov. 9 — about 200 more than expected. PHOTO COURTESY OF KALEIGH HENDERSON - Wyatt Kane participates in a potions class where each kid receives a container of clear slime and adds food coloring and glitter to it.

Following a Harry Potter map, children and their families experienced what it would be like as a Hogwarts student.PHOTO COURTESY OF KALEIGH HENDERSON - Genevieve Rose picks out her wand during Harry Potter Night.

West Linn community members participated in Harry Potter-themed activities. Children concocted their own slime potion and sat in a charms class where they affixed objects to an enchanted key in an attempt to keep it afloat for as long as possible.

Other activities included a Defense Against the Dark Arts station where students attempted to save a magical creature in the Forbidden Forest. PHOTO COURTESY OF KALEIGH HENDERSON - Zach Adams draws a slip that had a picture of a patronus, an animal guardian, on it.

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