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Information for the public safety column comes from the public records of the West Linn Police Department. Authorities recently logged information on the following incidents

3/23/2020 7:03 a.m. Someone on Imperial Drive told police that a car had been parked on the street for a week.

3/23/2020 7:36 a.m. A caller on Sunset Avenue told police that all the mailboxes in the neighborhood were open and there was no mail in them.

3/23/2020 9:23 a.m. A man came to WLPD to inform officers that some of the items he had previously reported stolen had been returned by the thief.

3/23/2020 9:25 a.m. Someone told police that a dead beaver had been laying off a trail at Fields Bridge Park for the past couple of days.

3/23/2020 1:06 p.m. A caller told police that someone withdrew money from their bank account.

3/23/2020 1:24 p.m. Someone told police that she knew of people connected to a drug sting from the past year, but they were moving out. The caller also said she was going to smash out the taillights of these people's car and added that they were "on to her" because the landlord slanders her on a community website.

3/24/2020 9:00 a.m. A man told police that a trailer became detached from his truck as he was driving along Rosemont Road.

3/24/2020 10:49 a.m. A woman told police that her dog was attacked by another person's dog that morning.

3/24/2020 11:12 a.m. A caller on Apollo Road told police that a man was walking along the street and looking at people's porches.

3/24/2020 2:07 p.m. The caller on Apollo Road called back and said they learned the suspicious person they called earlier about was out cross training. The caller added that they took down their social media post about him.

3/24/2020 3:36 p.m. Someone told police that their neighbor had hit their car twice.

3/24/2020 4:46 p.m. A church pastor contacted police about how to help out the community during the coronavirus crisis.

3/25/2020 10:07 a.m. A caller told police someone tried to break into their garage.

3/25/2020 10:31 a.m. A caller on Upper Midhill Drive told police that a man yelled at the caller's daughter and dog after the dog got out. The man also swung a walking stick at them and was taking pictures of their house according to the caller.

3/25/2020 2:03 p.m. Someone told police that their computer was infected with a virus and then $300 was removed from their bank account.

3/25/2020 2:38 p.m. A caller told police a group of a dozen kids were playing at Rosemont Ridge in close proximity. Police found two kids playing HORSE.

3/26/2020 9:07 a.m. A woman on 9th Street told police that her neighbor has been harassing her for the past 13 months by shining bright lights in their window at night and running loud machinery during the day.

3/26/2020 10:10 a.m. Someone told police that someone was taping flyers on people's garage key pads advertising for a father and son lawn care business. The caller said they were concerned about people being out.

3/26/2020 11:57 a.m. A caller told police that five or six teenagers were playing football at Rosemont Ridge. Officers told the kids they should be at least six feet a part.

3/26/2020 12:49 p.m. Someone on Burns Street told police their dog was lost.

3/26/2020 5:34 p.m. A man asked police if he could shoot his Olympic style bow and arrow in his backyard.

3/26/2020 7:11 p.m. Someone told police that a minivan pulled into a construction site and people got out, grabbed materials and drove off.

3/27/2020 9:12 a.m. A caller told police that a group of three people were sitting at a table outside Willamette Coffee House and said it looked like they weren't social distancing. The caller said they wanted police to go see if the people were properly spaced apart.

3/27/2020 12:42 p.m. A man told police that he was in the Market of Choice parking lot when a car hit a cart, pinning him between the cart and his car.

3/27/2020 4:26 p.m. A woman told police that two kids were skateboarding and was concerned that more kids were going to show up.

3/27/2020 6:30 p.m. Someone told police that a young man was walking and looking at his phone. The caller was concerned because it looked like the man was searching for a phone signal.

3/28/2020 11:00 a.m. Someone told police that two kids were smoking weed in a parking lot.

3/28/2020 3:59 p.m. A caller told police that a dozen kids were playing on Upper Midhill Drive and was concerned that they were not maintaining proper social distance. Police found everyone on the street was appropriately spaced.

3/28/2020 5:35 p.m. A man called police to say he had his city water account put on hold while on vacation but came back a few days early and could not get water.

3/28/2020 7:07 p.m. Police received a call from someone who said they heard gunshots nearby.

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