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Information for the police log comes from the public records of the West Linn Police Department

10/12/2020 8:20 a.m. A caller told police that a tree fell near his house and he wanted to know if the grass where it fell was his property or the city's.

10/12/2020 8:49 a.m. Someone told police that a building on Willamette Drive had its garage door, lights and windows smashed.

10/12/2020 8:55 a.m. A woman on Upper Midhill Drive complained about a car that had been parked in front of her house all weekend.

10/12/2020 10:17 a.m. A man contacted police after the DMV suspended his license because he was in an accident in 2015 that he did not report.

10/12/2020 11:27 a.m. Someone told police that their 11-year-old daughter sent pictures of herself to someone on Snapchat.

10/12/2020 1:53 p.m. A man on Prospect Street told police that an Amazon truck had driven through his yard and was stuck in the mud.

10/12/2020 2:07 p.m. A woman told police that she was walking in Mary S. Young Park on Saturday when someone shot her husband in the face with a slingshot.

10/12/2020 3:50 p.m. Someone told police that they were concerned because their sister didn't show up for her dentist appointment.

10/13/2020 7:08 a.m. A woman told police that her dog, Prince Charming, got out.

10/13/2020 10:28 a.m. A caller told police she was the victim of a phone scam.

10/13/2020 4:58 p.m. A man told police about eight juveniles smoking weed and vaping at Tanner Creek Park.

10/14/2020 7:51 a.m. A woman reported that a stop sign was knocked over on Walling Way.

10/14/2020 10:27 a.m. A woman told police she noticed a bullet hole in her car.

10/14/2020 11:12 a.m. A caller told police that political signs were attached to PGE poles and in the right of way.

10/15/2020 5:59 a.m. A man on Winkel Way told police that items were stolen out of his car and the doors of another car were left open down the street.

10/15/2020 2:16 p.m. Someone on Winkel Way reported a home invasion.

10/15/2020 9:26 p.m. A woman told police that her friend had left her gun in her truck but now the friend didn't want to take the gun back so the woman asked if she could drop it off at the police station.

10/16/2020 7:32 a.m. A man told police that a man who seemed unfamiliar to the area was walking up Skyline Drive. The caller told police he thinks the man "doesn't belong."

10/16/2020 12:10 p.m. A caller told police that the previous night a woman's German shepherd ran toward his Chihuahuas.

10/16/2020 12:35 p.m. A woman who was out of town asked to have her water shut off.

10/16/2020 3:39 p.m. Police received a call about boys skateboarding down the slide at Tanner Creek Park and not wearing masks.

10/16/2020 6:57 p.m. An employee at the Chevron on 8th Court told police that a woman stole $10 worth of beer.

10/16/2020 7:53 p.m. A woman told police she bought her daughter a car but the daughter abused her privileges, so she took it back and parked it at the police station. The caller wanted police to be aware that the car was hers and advice on how to deal with her daughter.

10/17/2020 8:40 a.m. A woman on Woodwinds Court told police she was hearing a woodchipper.

10/17/2020 12:32 p.m. A man called police about a Craigslist scam.

10/18/2020 10:18 p.m. A woman told police she found a camera in her house pointed to where she could be seen changing clothes.

10/19/2020 10:35 a.m. A woman reported damage to her car from a hit-and-run.

10/19/2020 11:31 a.m. Police were contacted when a woman who was driving on Willamette Drive pulled over because she was feeling dizzy and like she might faint.

10/19/2020 12:12 p.m. A man told police his ex-wife slapped him.

10/19/2020 1:25 p.m. A caller told police they gave personal information to a scam caller.

10/19/2020 3:33 p.m. Someone in the 1300 block of Skye Parkway told police they were having issues with their elderly neighbor who stole their newspaper and lawn ornaments and drove fast through the neighborhood.

10/19/2020 4:26 p.m. Police were called about a fight on Nolan Lane that began when someone ran into another person's lawn mower.

10/20/2020 10:03 a.m. Someone told police about a man smoking marijuana in Mary S. Young Park.

10/20/2020 3:05 p.m. Police were called about a child custody dispute.

10/20/2020 5:00 p.m. A woman told police about loose dogs running toward Hammerle Park.

10/21/2020 10:35 a.m. A man on Pimlico Drive told police that his Amazon package was stolen the previous day.

10/21/2020 10:35 a.m. A caller on Dollar Street told police about an ongoing issue with someone knocking on their door between 2 and 3 a.m.

10/21/2020 3:43 p.m. Police were called about a car accident on I-205.

10/21/2020 3:53 p.m. A woman called police with concerns about the welfare of her neighbor's dogs.

10/21/2020 11:23 p.m. A caller told police they felt uncomfortable because teens were working out at a condo clubhouse.

10/22/2020 7:21 a.m. A woman, who said she was concerned about drug dealers, told police a car was driving slowly through the neighborhood, then stopped in front of a dark house and drove off.

10/22/2020 2:48 p.m. A man told police he was moving from out of state and had questions about gun laws.

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