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Information for the police log comes from the public records of the West Linn Police Department.

10/8/2021 5:47 a.m.; A man on Steamboat Way reported that his neighbor's dog had been barking all night long.

10/8/2021 7:12 a.m.; A caller told police about a German shepherd running loose on Elliot Street.

10/8/2021 1:50 p.m.; A man called police about an ongoing issue with a diseased-looking cat running amok.

10/8/2021 3:10 p.m.; A caller reported a "grungy-looking dude" was passed out near Ostman Road.

10/8/2021 3:35 p.m.; A woman told police her vehicle got a ticket while parked on Amy Street even though she had a permit.

10/8/2021 3:57 p.m.; A woman called police to report that the housecleaner "left her house a big mess."

10/8/2021 4:28 p.m.; The man on Steamboat Way called back to report the dog was barking again.

10/8/2021 7:56 p.m.; A caller told police that the catalytic converter was stolen out of his car at the boat dock near Mill Street.

10/9/2021 10:31 a.m.; A caller reported that their catalytic converter was stolen the previous day.

10/9/2021 3:22 p.m.; A woman told police she was driving on Parker Road when three kids shot out of a long driveway and she nearly hit them.

10/9/2021 6:18 p.m.; A caller at Mary S. Young Park told police that her purse was stolen out of her car.

10/9/2021 7:59 p.m.; A man on 14th Street told police that his neighbor had about 10 people were open and they were drinking and loudly singing about sex.

10/9/2021 9:18 p.m.; A man on Kenthorpe Way told police that his neighbor was outside and smelled of marijuana.

10/10/2021 10:10 a.m.; A caller on West A Street told police that two dogs were loose in his yard.

10/10/2021 10:51 a.m.; Someone told police they found a purse next to a dumpster.

10/10/2021 3:48 p.m.; A woman involved in a domestic violence situation wanted to talk with police about getting her belongings.

10/10/2021 6:42 p.m.; A caller on Horizon Drive told police that someone backed a car into their garage door.

10/10/2021 9:19 p.m.; A woman on Weatherhill Road told police she heard someone run onto her deck.

10/10/2021 9:34 p.m.; A caller in an apartment building on Larkspur Lane told police they heard someone jiggling their doorknob.

10/11/2021 8:01 a.m.; A man on Hammerle Street told police that the corner was slightly torn on three of his pieces of mail.

10/11/2021 10:39 a.m.; A caller told police that a driver of a recycling truck was passed out with music blaring in the truck. Police contacted the driver, who was on their break and taking a nap.

10/11/2021 12:09 p.m.; Someone told police that their car was hit while parked at West Linn High School.

10/11/2021 2:30 p.m.; A caller told police a car "blasted through" the crosswalk area in front of Willamette Primary.

10/11/2021 4:05 p.m.; A caller told police that two bikes were left at the McLean House.

10/12/2021 10:44 a.m.; A man asked police about key fob technology being used to steal cars.

10/12/2021 11:47 a.m.; A caller reported their 16-year-old daughter was being harassed at school after an incident at a sleepover.

10/12/2021 12:14 p.m.; A man called police about his neighbors on Marylhurst Drive, reporting there was a party Saturday night at which someone yelled the N-word over a PA system. Police talked to the home's owner who said her kids were home alone that night and that she would talk to them about the incident.

10/12/2021 1:36 p.m.; A caller told police about cars parked on Broadway and Buse Streets, saying the driver of one car got out and put an old citation on the windshield to avoid getting ticketed again.

10/12/2021 1:52 p.m.; A man on Upper Midhill Drive told police he saw someone taking a package from his neighbor's porch.

10/13/2021 4:48 a.m.; A woman reported someone was breaking into her car.

10/14/2021 7:55 a.m.; A woman on Bittner Street told police she was upset about construction in the area and parents dropping off and picking up kids at Sunset Primary, then U-turning in her neighborhood.

10/14/2021 8:40 a.m.; A man on K Street complained of a car parked in the area without a permit.

10/14/2021 8:43 a.m.; A man on Holmes Street reported his bike was stolen overnight.

10/14/2021 9:26 a.m.; Police received a call about a former NW Natural employee making threats against current employees.

10/14/2021 10:04 a.m.; A man complained about two students parked on Broadway Street without permits.

10/14/2021 10:32 a.m.; A caller told police that someone was inside a house across the street that was recently foreclosed. Police found a real estate agent at the home.

10/14/2021 11:22 a.m.; A caller on Satter Street reported that their neighbor's overgrown vegetation was creeping into their yard.

10/14/2021 1:19 p.m.; An employee at Wells Fargo told police that someone attempted to rob the bank.

10/14/2021 3:08 p.m.; A man complained about cars waiting to pick up students in the no parking zone near West Linn High School.

10/14/2021 3:56 p.m.; A woman on Steamboat Way told police she was concerned about a car she did not recognize that was parked on her street. She said the car seemed out of place.

10/14/2021 5:51 p.m.; A caller told police about a light pole that was knocked down on Pimlico Drive.

10/14/2021 12:26 p.m.; A caller on Kenthorpe Way told police she heard men in her backyard talking and pounding on the windows.

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