John Ludlow’s oped last week, “Please don’t try to bully Clackamas County voters,” offers little but bullying of its own.

The testimony he cites is mine, in which I implored the commission to reject Ludlow’s clumsy resolution to oppose the Interstate 5 bridge replacement project. I testified that it’s not Clackamas County’s fight and would only serve to make enemies with our transportation funding partners — on whom we rely for future projects.

His deliberate misinterpretation of my testimony as “threatening” is simple grandstanding to make headlines.

I’m disappointed that Ludlow’s promise to encourage citizen input and involvement has reversed course. Using the media to mischaracterize public testimony of opposing viewpoints discourages participation. I expect more thoughtful and considerate leadership from my county commissioners.

My testimony can be summed up simply: Our county is in constant competition for transportation dollars. Ignoring the political realities of picking a fight with our funding partners isn’t in our best interest.

Patrick Sheehan


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