From the very beginning this project was supported by the majority of the city council and city manager. Staff followed their direction. 

The water master plan adopted in 2008 was set up to back, in general terms, the LOT water project in the future.  

The city had been talking and working with LOT for some time, but wouldn’t talk to the citizens of Robinwood claiming ex parte contact. Representatives of Robinwood were finally allowed to sit down at the work session held at city hall Dec. 19, 2011, with our city council, representatives of Lake Oswego and Tigard. This was the first time we were allowed to interact with all parties. The city attorney gave an opinion they could have been talking to us long before then. However, they had to be careful after the application was submitted in January 2012. 

Even then they could have talked to us if they declared ex parte contact. 

Testimony presented at the planning commission pointed out the pipeline was considered transportation thus requiring street improvements on Highway 43. The planning commission never addressed this issue because they rejected the application. In fact, nothing was said by staff or the council to improve anything on 43 even though testimony was presented requesting improvements. The very least the mitigation list from Robinwood asked for was a pedestrian refuge at the south crosswalk at Cedar Oak and 43 and left turn lanes at Arbor Drive and 43. Improving 43 would make it a little easer for those of us living on the highway to put up with 22 hours of truck traffic six days a week.   

The mayor talks about the importance of the intertie, I agree, however the intertie would continue no mater where the plant is built. He is worried about the pipe under the I-205 bridge. The 27-inch pipe from Mapleton to the north city limits would still be there connecting West Linn to LO’s water, as they supply water to the Marylhurst area of Lake Oswego. The 4 million gallons of water could still be available. This would continue to give us a reliable source. Remember this intertie is a two-way access to water for West Linn and Lake Oswego-Tigard.

This benefit for West Linn could have been accomplished without the plant being located here and placing the overwhelming burden for those of us who live in Robinwood.

Robert Stowell is a West Linn resident.

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