The West Linn City Council was able to move ahead with two important projects at its May 12 meeting thanks to funding from developers and development.


All new development within West Linn is subject to SDCs (system development charges). These fees are based on new use or increased property use and apply to development and expansion projects that will increase impact to the city’s infrastructure.

The city can then use those funds to pay for needed services and projects - at no cost to current taxpayers.

Two projects currently in motion are a new stop light at the intersection of Santa Anita and Rosemont Road, near Rosemont Ridge Middle School, and the construction of a new water pump station.

Recent traffic evaluations at the intersection identified the need to finally install a traffic signal at Santa Anita and Rosemont.

The cost for the stop lights and associated street improvements is $827,533, which may surprise some residents. The project includes relocating overhead utilities, improving the road on the east side of Rosemont to make room for a dedicated left-turn lane, the installation of the traffic signal along with countdown pedestrian signals and flashing school zone signage.

This new stop light will improve traffic flow at this intersection as well as ensure the safety of the students walking to and from the school.

The new stop light will be installed this summer and is anticipated to be substantially complete before school resumes.

The other project, the Bland intertie pump station, will construct a 1,200-gallon-per-minute booster pump station that will help create redundancy needed in the city’s water system.

This project, priced at $674,008, is also funded 100 percent by SDCs.

The Bland pump station and its associated future water line will help improve the city’s water infrastructure and provide much needed additional backup supply to the Rosemont pressure zone, which has limited reservoir capacity.

Other projects this summer that will be paid for by SDCs include a water line from the Bland pump station to Weatherhill Road and a water line along Blankenship Road from 19th to Debok Road.

This fall, the city will update its storm and sanitary master plans using SDCs. And, the West Linn Transportation System Plan is being updated now and is partially funded by a state grant and partially funded by SDCs. 

West Linn staff and the city council are constantly working to maintain and improve infrastructure at the least cost. Utilizing SDCs is just one way we can do so, without costing taxpayers more money.

Mayor John Kovash is a West Linn resident and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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