Finding solutions for addiction

My name is Pam Pearce and I am a proud person living in long-term recovery from alcoholism. I am married, have three children, grew up in Lake Oswego and currently live in West Linn. My story is one of redemption. When I graduated from Lake Oswego High School I won “biggest partier”; today I lead a substance abuse/bully prevention organization for youth.I have been sharing my recovery with family, friends and strangers since the day I got sober.

Because, to protect myself I must educate myself, share my experiences, and support other on the realities of addiction.

You cannot hide from this disease and many of us have tried. I have always been open about my 21 years of recovery. Speaking about recovery and substance abuse is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children as it provides hope and another path for them to take. Denial is as deadly as the disease itself. We need to share our experiences to help take away the “stigma” that is associated with the disease of addiction.

Not only do I look at my story as one of redemption but also it’s a gift. This gift has given me the opportunity to support a prevention organization that has 200-plus youth involved. As a mother in recovery and the leader of a prevention youth group I understand how scary these times are for our children. There is another way, there is hope, there is help — just reach out.

In my search to educate myself I learned about a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction crisis by unifying the voice of the millions of Americans and their families that are impacted by addiction: Facing Addiction. Please visit to see what is helping solve this national health crisis.

Pam Pearce

West Linn

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