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This week's crop of letters are all about the school board election, which features 5 people for two seats

Choose King Martin's experience

Chelsea King Martin is the school board candidate best prepared to manage the current and future challenges facing our students and our district.

King Martin has the hands-on leadership experience of serving on the school board for the past four years. She knows our schools and facilities inside and out, having served as liaison to both the Long Range Planning Committee and the School Safety Committee.

She has detailed knowledge of our district budgets, which is more important now than ever as the state of Oregon is experiencing difficulty in fully funding public education. King Martin's experience allows her to know how we can do more for our students with fewer resources. In today's political climate, I appreciate that King Martin has always remained politically neutral. She focuses her leadership efforts on advocating for policies and priorities that are critical benchmarks for enabling our district's children — and by extension our state and country — to reach their full potential.

In addition, King Martin continues to focus on reinvigorating district programming around both career preparation and technical education. Our students need school board members like King Martin. Please join me in voting for Chelsea King Martin this May 21.

Trey Maust

West Linn

Thompson is effective, caring

I am writing today to say I support Christy Thompson for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. Thompson and I worked together closely at the Wilsonville High School Booster Club. I have been impressed with her leadership, her genuine interest in doing good for the school and for the club, and in her ability to drive to a consensus and decide our course of action.

With these skills, she will be effective in achieving her goals: improving support for teachers battling disruptive behaviors, more parental involvement in curriculum choices, and more Career and Technical Education opportunities, especially for our noncollege-bound students.

Thompson is polished, professional and gets things done. An influencer!I support Christy Thompson. I hope you will too.

Lisa Krecklow


Ferris impresses with her business acumen

I recently heard West Linn-Wilsonville School Board candidate Jordan Ferris speak. As a business school dean, I appreciated her business-leadership acumen and her knowledge of budgetary issues.

When it comes to future bonds and levies, Ferris wants to ensure the district spends the money responsibly with emphasis on critical issues like increasing access to student health services. As a nurse in our community, Ferris has the background to help address the safety, social and emotional needs of children in the school district. Oregon has one of the nation's highest suicide rates, with highest rates among middle school children. School districts like ours lack the mental health professionals needed to adequately respond to students in crisis.

Ferris is an advocate of upstream thinking — being proactive instead of reactive — in creating access for our students. That means developing student health services now instead of reeling from trauma-related crises later. Ferris also brings a pragmatic mind to issues of equity — racial, gender and socioeconomic. She recommends the district identify barriers to equity, collecting data to make well-reasoned decisions and do better than we have. I am voting for Jordan Ferris.

James Goodrich

West Linn

Thompson gives selflessly to WL-WV schools

I support Christy Thompson for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. I have worked with Thompson for many years. She is smart, dedicated, considerate and has the right experience to represent families and best help students and teachers.

She is a teacher herself, has volunteered selflessly in our schools, and supports teachers and students out of her own efforts. Her work for teacher and staff appreciation lunches, volunteering for blood drives, concession stands and serving as Booster Club president all show her long-term commitment to our district and schools.

Thompson brings an open attitude and perspective to the challenges our district is facing. Further, she understands the need for career and technical education. She will take real steps to handle disruptive student behavior in classrooms, and keep parents involved in making the best curriculum choices for our students.

As a parent of two students in the district, I wholeheartedly support Christy Thompson for school board. Please join me.

John Davis


King Martin brings stability to school board

We have a great chance to maintain stability and success on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board with Chelsea King Martin running for re-election.

I've known King Martin for several years during her time on the school board. From my observation she's done an outstanding job. WL-WV is the best school district in Oregon largely because well-qualified board members like King Martin spend untold hours volunteering to govern our successful schools.

King Martin does her homework and applies a smart, level-headed, compassionate and student focus to her decision-making. She's done a great job for the past four years on the board, and we need her to continue for four more years giving her common-sense voice to solving issues for our students, parents and community.

We have outstanding schools in West Linn. Let's keep it that way. Please vote Chelsea King Martin for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board position No. 2.

Greg McKenzie

West Linn

King Martin represents action

Chelsea King Martin and Gail Greenman are the candidates contesting Position 2 in the WL-WV School Board election. Both candidates participated in an April Q&A covered by the West Linn Tidings.

Differences in their key positions are notable. Both candidates identified issues that would take precedence over others. Candidate King Martin identified "expansion of Career and Technical Education in our high schools," and the creation of a school-based health center to increase "access to medical and mental health professionals."

Candidate Greenman committed to "read, analyze and evaluate legislation and regulation impacting school districts."

King Martin focuses on action, and Greenman is focused on studying issues. Background research is a necessary precursor to change, but it is not a substitute for action.

We need leaders who want to do more than analyze and talk. We need leaders with vision who will act to improve our district. I urge you to vote for Chelsea King Martin.

William House

West Linn

Anti-Ferris op-ed a cheap shot

Concerning the "Citizens View" in the April 25 Tidings concerning the school board candidacy of Jordan Ferris, I would like to first say shame on the Tidings for publishing such a divisive letter, full of accusations and fear mongering.

Second, I would like to say shame on Gabriel Miller. Calling NARAL and Oregon Working Families "radical political groups" is a play right from the Trumpian book on how to marginalize people who are engaged and working on progressive causes.

In the Tidings interview of candidate Ferris last week, I found her answers to Tidings staff questions demonstrating knowledge of challenges facing the school system. She offered insightful proposals for moving ahead.

Let's talk about issues, not make character assassinations.

Bartley Johnson

West Linn

Ferris, King Martin will move district forward

As a parent and volunteer, I'm endorsing Chelsea King Martin and Jordan Ferris for school board.

For 12 years, I've volunteered for our schools. I was a MAP board member, a recent School and Student Safety Advisory Committee rep, and current board member of the WL-WV Education Foundation.Their opponents claim that the district does not listen to parental input, due in part to the recent unanimous school board adoption of the new Health and Wellness Curriculum. Developing the state-mandated plan took a year and several parent input sessions.

Parents' voices were heard, but some wishes had to be measured against the safety of our children. I want our kids to be safe, and not just with drills and barricades and special glass. I want them to understand consent, domestic violence and abuse prevention, equity and age-appropriate human sexuality.

I want them to feel empowered to be themselves and informed enough to avoid bullying. We can't be afraid to teach them about the world as it is. They are asking us for it. Some feel we're on the wrong path. I think we're headed in exactly the right direction.

I believe Chelsea King Martin and Jordan Ferris are thoughtful people we need to keep us moving forward. Please join me and vote for King Martin and Ferris.

Joseph Walters

West Linn

Ferris best choice in important race

Jordan Ferris is hands down the best choice for school board in this May's election. Every day as a nurse educator, she practices evidenced-based decision-making, melding science with compassionate care.

Ferris has abundant personal courage to speak up for our kids. To me, the best education does not come from one more shiny building, but from genuine relationships with instructors who have the time to notice one's learning needs, learning that requires feeling safe enough to concentrate on lessons.

ORESTAR, the online Oregon Campaign Finance Database, shows that Ferris' opponent has received an unusually large $15,000 donation from a donor from Sherwood.

By searching the donor's name and address online, I find myself worried about this peculiarly large sum. Strangely, Ferris' opponent's accumulated war chest is over $29,000.

With Ferris we are on solid ground. She knows our district can do more to address fiscal responsibility, more to address bullying and decrease class sizes so all students have the best shot to learn. In her profession, Ferris is an authentic and proven leader. Let's elect her and bring those sorely needed skills to our district. 

Rebecca Adams

West Linn

Ferris has clear vision for school district

Jordan Ferris and Christy Thompson are the two candidates contesting Position 4 in the WL-WV School Board election. Both of these candidates support high-quality academics, but their approaches to student health and educational equity highlight differences in priority.

Ferris advocates bringing more trained health counselors directly into our school system, so children in need have knowledgeable professionals to help them. She has worked for many years in health care as a nurse and has the contacts to develop collaborative relationships with the county and state health services.

Thompson has stated that providing mental health counselors is too costly.

The candidates were asked to provide their views on barriers to equity in our schools. Ferris responded by supporting gender equity where girls sports teams are equally important as boys teams. She believes students with nontraditional gender orientation should attend school free of harassment.

Ferris also wants to address the current performance gap between white and nonwhite students.

Thompson did not respond to the questionnaire with her position on promoting equity in education.

Ferris has a vision for the future and the ability to make it happen. I urge you to vote for Jordan Ferris.

Margo House

West Linn

Ferris has proven leadership

Jordan Ferris is the best choice for school board this May. As a nurse she fully understands the importance of student health, mental health and equity within this district.

Hearing her speak, it's obvious she has a skill set that hasn't been seen on this school board, and it is a perspective that is absolutely needed. Jordan acknowledges that this is a great district, but she is also able to see where we can improve.

It was disappointing to hear that there will be a $3 million shortfall this next budget cycle.  Often times that means losing staff. Jordan is committed to retaining staff and not increasing class sizes. She testified in Salem in support of the Student Success Bill. Above all her authentic and demonstrated leadership will ensure that all voices are heard. She will work for and with the students, parents, and community members here in our district. I am proud to support Jordan Ferris and am excited to see what she will do for the West Linn-Wilsonville School District

Cornelia Gibson

West Linn

Ferris values inclusion, equity

I support Jordan Ferris for Position 4 of the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board because she is a leader who we can trust. Jordan is committed to engaging community partners, families, and students as she approaches her role in making policy decisions on the board.

The skill set that she will bring to the board includes a master's degree in executive leadership, critical thinking, proactive problem solving, extensive mental health experience, advocacy, compassion, flexibility, resource and time management, and a concept the district also uses in its classes which is called growth mindset.

Her core values include equity and inclusion. She wants to increase access to services for all students. This includes mental health services, wraparound services, and leveraging her community and professional relationships to be able to accomplish all these things without necessarily impacting the shortened budget. 

I had the opportunity to listen to Jordan speak at a recent Neighborhood Association meeting. I was impressed that Jordan reached out to consult with the NAs in West Linn. I believe that Neighborhood Associations need to know that the members of the school board consider the impact that their decisions have on the communities adjacent to our schools. I know Jordan will remember that school board decisions can and often do impact local neighborhoods.

That's why I'm voting for Jordan Ferris in the May election. I hope you will consider voting for her, too.

Roberta Schwarz

West Linn

Vote for Ferris for school board

 Based on my career as a school nurse, I have first-hand knowledge that health, wellness and mental health are essential to student achievement.  And, as co-chair of the West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community's (WLAIC) Schools Committee, I know that, while progress has been made, there is room for improvement in our district regarding equity and inclusion for all students.  

As a nurse, practice consultant, and nurse educator, Jordan is uniquely qualified to address the health and wellness of our students. Student safety, increased funding for mental health/student services are priorities. Jordan knows how and where to get the grant resources and partnerships that will deliver vital services efficiently and effectively.  She knows how to listen and work effectively with parents and students.

Her leadership and commitment to equity and inclusion is clear:  I have heard her testify passionately before the board, and she responded eloquently to the WLAIC's candidate survey at

I am supporting Jordan Ferris for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board because she is the best candidate for the position and for the students of our district.

Marty Maharg

Community Health/School Nursing

Ferris alone has the values and skills we need

I stand firmly behind Jordan Ferris for West Linn-Wilsonville School District Director Position 4. Ferris is intelligent, hard-working, and professional. I trust her to roll up her sleeves and do the digging as she brings compassion for parents, understanding for students, and fiscal responsibility to the district.

I was surprised to see that the editor of the paper allowed a political letter over 500 words suggesting you not vote for Ferris. I could easily have written 500 words or more telling you why not to vote for Ferris's opponent, pointing out how deeply troubling the near Biblical flood of money coming into Christy's Thompson's campaign is. But when endorsing a political choice the stated word limit is 200 words: words better spent on outlining what a solid advocate for health and education Ferris is.

Ferris is a nurse and nursing instructor. She brings real-world insight into the importance of immunizations, safety, inclusiveness, and framing health education from a science-based perspective. I trust Jordan to stand up for the district's new comprehensive Health Education curriculum that importantly addresses students' physical health as well as their emotional well-being.

Vote Ferris. She alone has the values and skills our students and taxpayers need.

Alan Smith

West Linn

Ferris is school board candidate our students need

As a public-school educator for 40 years ( teacher, building administrator and superintendent) and supporter for our community, I have been fortunate to meet and work with Jordan in areas of great need for our citizens including enhancing the climate, services, and accountability for the students and staff of West Linn-Wilsonville schools. Jordan has demonstrated her abilities and commitment as a health care educator and has used her skills to improve various services as she facilitates and enhances needs for our students. As one who has experienced the challenges found in schools it is essential that there are those who want to help ALL students in the numerous areas of need not just in the classroom but through services providing avenues of need in the entire community for families. Jordan has demonstrated that in her professional world as well as in a variety of educational volunteer series, she will be there for our students and families.

Do not be fooled by those who seek to tear down our community and schools. Vote for those who have set aside personal enhancements for the growth and continually improvement of public schools and services. VOTE FOR FERRIS!

Dr. Diana Cubbage

West Linn

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