This week's crop of letters are all about the school board election, which features 5 people for two seats

Ferris shows integrity, caring

As the Oregon Nurses Foundation's 2019 Oregon Nurse of the Year, I am proud to endorse Jordan Ferris for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Position 4.

Over the many years that I have worked and volunteered side by side with Ferris, I find her to have the four nursing attributes that I care the most about — honesty, integrity, accountability and caring.

When Ferris says her priority will be the health and well-being of West Linn's students, she means it. When Ferris makes a commitment to honor and respect parents' educational choices, she will stand by and honor this decision.

Ferris accepts responsibility and is accountable for her words and actions. As a nurse, Ferris has witnessed the hardships many of our students are facing today. She knows that many who live in the district do not have access to affordable housing, health care, food and school supplies.

Nursing is a caring and nurturing profession. Having Ferris' voice on the school board will provide an advocate who will always stand up and put students first. Please join me in supporting Ferris' candidacy.

Teri Mills, RN


Retain Chelsea Martin on WL-WV School Board

A very involved member of the community, Chelsea has her finger on the pulse of Wilsonville and West Linn, and will continue to make great contributions in our district, maintaining high standards and an expectation of continuous improvement.

Chelsea approaches problems and challenges by first taking a broad look at situations, gathering information and feedback from stakeholders, and creating comprehensive solutions. She shows sincere interest in the people and the process. I have witnessed this personally and as past president of the WL-WV Education Foundation and have great respect for her. She will get my vote in the upcoming school board election.

Elaine Cozart

West Linn

Thompson works for safe learning spaces

Christy Thompson is an excellent choice for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. She has a genuine aspiration to elevate the educational experience for students and teachers.

Her background as a teacher and insights as a parent of children in the district, provide her with a realistic perspective of what is happening in our classrooms.

Thompson has insightful ideas for creating safe learning spaces and supporting effective curriculum. A school board member should consider a wide array of factors when evaluating what is best for the district, and I know Thompson will make informed and thoughtful decisions.

Having worked with Thompson on the Wilsonville High School Booster Club, I can attest to her gracious leadership and tireless work ethic. She is an astute advocate for our community with a desire to see our schools provide the best education for every student.

Vote Christy Thompson for school board.

Julie Tolboe


Thompson/Greenman will fight for your kids

My husband and I will be voting for Christy Thompson and Gail Greenman for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. They will fight for our kids and the best educational opportunities for them.

We have lived in West Linn for 29 years. Our two children graduated from West Linn High School, and our grandchildren are attending West Linn schools as well. We care deeply about our community and the continued excellence of our schools.

DJ and Wini Davis

West Linn

Greenman, Thompson come with no agendas

I'm writing this letter on behalf of my husband and myself. We have lived in West Linn since 1993. I have taught in West Linn schools and have observed excellent, caring, hardworking teachers and administrators.

All three of our children have graduated from West Linn High School. We now have grandchildren as students in this fine school district.

We are voting for Christy Thompson and Gail Greenman. They have no agenda except to work hard to maintain the excellence in educating our children and to support our dedicated teachers.

Bob and Cheryl Doerr

West Linn

Thompson has servant's heart

We have known Christy Thompson and her family for over 15 years. I have witnessed Thompson donate her time and resources to many organizations, schools and the community.

She has always served with a heart of humility, wisdom and generosity. Thompson cares deeply about our school district's integrity, but her desire is to see students thrive and graduate with a strong foundation to succeed in life.

Thompson's motivation to run for the WL-WV School Board is to advocate for mental health support, increase opportunities to equip students for life after school, and bring better support for teachers in the classrooms.

Thompson will bring a balanced perspective from being a parent who had three kids go through the Wilsonville school system, serving our schools and community on multiple committees, and years of experience as a high school biology teacher.

I am confident that Christy Thompson is qualified to represent families, students, teachers and staff on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

Carrie Postma


Ferris plans to engage community in schools

Please join me in supporting Jordan Ferris for Position 4 on the West Linn-Wilsonville School board.

As a health educator in our community, school volunteer and parent she knows we have a good district but we can do more. Ferris passionately believes we need to increase access and opportunities for ALL our students, making sure the same opportunities are available for all families.

Her priorities include reducing class sizes, expanding mental health and student services and creating the opportunity for all students to go on to college, career or technical education. She further promises to engage community partners, parents and students in the decision-making process.

Jordan also brings a knowledge of budget, finance and governance with a master's degree in executive leadership and related experiences; a vital part of a school board's responsibilities.

Vote for Jordan Ferris West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Position 4.

Charlotte Duncan

West Linn

King Martin interacts with community

I support Chelsea King Martin for election to the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

King Martin listens and is responsive to our needs. During the past four years, she has accomplished much, revamping the superintendent evaluation process and moving the board through its first ever self-evaluation.

When parents spoke to the board about safety concerns, King Martin voted to approve an advisory committee, later serving as board liaison to the committee. She carried concerns and recommendations of parents, students and teachers forward to the district, resulting in improvements.

And, when community members came to the board and advocated for a policy review to ensure we are creating equitable and welcoming school environments, King Martin was the sole board member to engage in the policy review with the district, resulting in five amended policies.

King Martin is willing to roll up her sleeves, dig in and get the work done. She listens and shows up and stays engaged in the conversation and hard work until an outcome has been accomplished. She has achieved major strides in her first term, and I know she will continue that in her second four-year term.

Keep Chelsea King Martin on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

Ed Schwarz

West Linn

Greenman is a strong voice for community

It is my honor and privilege to both cast my vote and endorse Gail Greenman for Position 2 on the WL-WV School Board.

I initially had the pleasure of getting to know Greenman while our young children attended the same preschool. During this time my daughter was one of three students to contract E. coli while at school.

During this time Greenman was an invaluable force. Aside from being a caring friend to me, her background, education and experience in public policy helped her to advocate for the safety of our kids. When families were not being heard by Clackamas County and state of Oregon health departments, Greenman stepped in to organize meetings, set up procedures, and mandatory testing. Thanks to Greenman, our collective voices were heard.

Gail Greenman is exactly what our school board needs — a strong voice for West Linn-Wilsonville. She knows the ins and outs of Oregon's government and procedures that will help her to advocate for and implement changes that need to happen to better the schools in our community.

It is time to come together to improve our schools. Please join me and cast your vote for Gail Greenman.

Meagan An

West Linn

Lots to admire about Greenman

I am very excited to endorse Gail Greenman for the WL-WV School Board. I have admired Greenman from the day we met. She is a person our community knows and adores.

She has dedicated thousands of hours to our school community. She is a constant positive role model for all children involved, acting with integrity, caring and thoughtfulness.

Greenman has shown herself to be a strong advocate for the betterment of our students and school. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Greenman is known throughout the community to have an enthusiastic and warm demeanor that makes her easy to approach by students and parents alike. She is someone who steps in to help on any level to lend a helping hand and take action when it is needed most.

Greenman knows education and policy, but more importantly she knows what parents, students and teachers are pleading for — support and a voice. Instead of splitting sides, Greenman will look for solutions that bring all sides together. This is the kind of person I want making decisions and representing the best interests of our children and community.

Please join me in voting for Gail Greenman for WL-WV School Board.

Tana Allori

West Linn

Ferris dedicated to student well-being

As a retired nurse practitioner and experience as a nurse educator, I know the importance of the health and wellness of students. Hungry, sick kids, those struggling with mental health issues, and even those stressed by bullying and harassment, cannot learn.

That is why I'm supporting Jordan Ferris for the West Linn- Wilsonville School Board. Also a nurse and nurse educator, she is committed to the basic health and mental health needs of students. She is committed to student achievement, and equity for ALL students. And, she'll do it by communicating with families and the community.

With a master's in executive leadership and experience in finance and governance, she will assure transparency and accountability of the board and district.

Ferris is a mom. She is a nurse. She is the leader we need on the school board. Please joining me in voting for Jordan Ferris!

Stacy Epsteen

West Linn

Greenman does things for all the right reasons

Gail Greenman is passionate about providing the best public education possible to our WL-WV district kids. She is deeply invested in the success of our schools as a parent with two school-age kids in the district.

Greenman brings decades of public policy expertise to this seat. She knows how to get things done. Maybe more importantly, Greenman values (and models) careful listening, mutual respect and positive engagement with our parents, kids, teachers, administrators and district officials.

Greenman will always do the right thing, for the right reasons, and in the right way. Gail Greenman is exactly the kind of leader we need on the WL-WV school board.

Dave Dillon


Greenman will work to find solutions

I've known Gail Greenman for over four years now and I can safely say my life is truly better having her as a friend. She is the most honest, kind and hardworking person I know. She is the person people go to if there is a problem or if you need an ear. No matter what the issue, she is there to lend a hand, listen and find a solution.

I can think of no person more suitable to be on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. I am not only eager to see what she will bring to the table, I am so excited for the school district and the cities of West Linn and Wilsonville to have someone truly in their corner.

I know Greenman will help make this school district the best it can be.

Bobi Brubaker

West Linn

Democrats not practicing what they preach

When they go low, we go high. How tragic that, as a Democrat, my own party has chosen to spread hateful lies and slander my name because I dared to file as a candidate for the WL-WV school board.

Even after making the Clackamas County Democratic chair, Peter Nordbye and the party of hope personally aware of what has happened, they have deliberately chosen not to correct falsehoods and lies they've circulated about me. I have never spoken ill of any candidate and never will.

My campaign has always been about kids, parents, teachers, families and the community. I am running for the WL-WV school board and want to bring my unique skill set as a public policy advocate, willingness to have a real dialogue with the community and bring a student member to the WL-WV School Board. I used the 325 words allotted in the voter's pamphlet on substantive issues, not a laundry list of special interest endorsements.

I'm saddened my own political party's response to my candidacy for our local school district is to spread vicious and false attacks focused directly on my sterling character.

In Clackamas County, this party's actions fail their own rhetoric of hope and truth.

Gail Greenman

West Linn

Ferris is candidate we need for our students

Our students these days are facing an increase in the number of stress-related problems involving bullying, discrimination, active shooter-lock down drills, and pressure from social media. It has also been well-publicized that Oregon now has one of the country's highest suicide rates, with the crisis being greatest among middle school aged children. Jordan Ferris not only has a background in nursing, but also has a Master's in Science and Nursing in executive leadership. This is a unique skill set that currently does not exist on our school board, which would help to support and implement those programs needed for the safety, social and emotional needs of students.

As someone who has worked for 25-years in hospitals at OHSU and the Providence Health system, I have always appreciated a nurse's ability to listen, understand, and communicate with patients to create a positive experience.  In this same capacity, Jordan Ferris would know how to listen and work effectively with parents and students for a positive outcome on a variety of difficult issues.

Please vote for Jordan Ferris who has the skills needed for the challenges facing our students.  

Michael Rutten

West Linn

Chelsea King Martin has track record of listening

I live in West Linn and have spoken at WLWV School Board meetings. In the school board election on May 21, I will vote to re-elect Chelsea King Martin. Chelsea demonstrates genuine respect for community members sharing their concerns in school board meetings.

In response to incidents of bigotry and hate in our schools, Chelsea said, "Our schools are microcosms of our communities. When hate and bigotry exist in our culture, it will exist in our schools."  To address these problems, Chelsea will listen and work hard to make our schools a place where students are free from hateful speech and behavior. She has demonstrated this already, listening to student voices and responding to their concerns when it comes to teaching our students about gender identity and sexual orientation. Chelsea voted in favor of a curriculum that teaches the subjects of sex, consent, and gender identity to better equip students to handle themselves safely and responsibly.

As a psychotherapist, I have worked with children and teens for many years. I value how Chelsea prioritizes the social and mental health needs of students. Let's re-elect an experienced, hard-working, responsive leader like Chelsea King Martin.

Cynthia Flannery

West Linn

Jordan Ferris' concerns about safety get my vote

Safety comes in all levels of education...physical safety, emotional safety, educational safety, health safety. In these days of horrific stress at all levels of education, Jordan Ferris stands to cover all the bases of safety which, sadly, have been ignored by the West Linn Wilsonville School District. I live in an area where profound unsafe traffic surrounding the high school puts students and residents in extreme peril each and every school day.

Our neighborhood association has discussed this at length and demonstrated our concerns at several city council meetings where the school superintendent has been notified. Letters and photos have been sent to school board members and have only been ignored.

Jordan's strength of character will not allow this to continue to be ignored. She is also concerned about emotional wellbeing for children inundated with bad information coming from the internet and wants to offer some mode of in-depth family counseling currently not offered by the school district.

This counseling could be contracted for through the school district to ensure that it is available to ALL families regardless of income and insurance. As a master's level nurse, she is dedicated to the wellbeing of EVERYONE. Her expertise is badly needed at the level of the school board. Join me in voting for Jordan Ferris to bring safety and wellbeing to our students and their families!

Peggy Kirkendall

West Linn

Thompson will provide a unique perspective

Christy Thompson is an exceptional candidate for WLWV school board. Her experience as a HS biology teacher, a substitute teacher within WLWV schools, and as a parent representative for the Superintendent's HS Study Group gives her a unique perspective that will assist our school board. As Booster Club President, Christy has demonstrated her knowledge of using limited resources for the greatest benefit to the school community.

She is a proven leader in her volunteer work within our district and has a genuine heart and vision for having all students reach their full potential. Christy will be encouraging smaller class sizes, advocating for mental health support for students, supporting teachers battling disruptive behaviors, and promoting more career and technical opportunities for students. Her integrity, honesty, respect for others, and fair-minded approach will be an advantageous addition to our school board.

The support for Christy within our community solidifies the knowledge of her character and the respect she has earned from so many families across West Linn and Wilsonville. Our students and our schools will benefit from having Christy's leadership and experience as part of the school board mission to continually improve our educational program. Join me in voting for Christy Thompson.

Elizabeth McCord


King Martin understands equity, budgets

I hope you'll join me in re-electing Chelsea King Martin to the WLWV School Board. Not only is she a thoughtful leader, Chelsea also has vision, and has forged crucial relationships with the district staff and community. During Chelsea's tenure, she has led the district through difficult decisions, oversaw millions of dollars of capital bond spending, and when community members expressed concern about equity in our schools she led a policy review that resulted in five amended policies.

There are key issues facing our district this year such as a budget shortfall forecasted for the next biennium. Given this, it's important to have someone with Chelsea's experience to find solutions and minimize impacts. The district is also planning a bond campaign.

Having worked on the last campaign, Chelsea clearly understands the work required and is willing to put in the time to ensure success.I am voting for someone that is an advocate and voice for all 9500+ children in the district, understands the inner workings, and has proven leadership. I worked with Chelsea to advocate for better teaching support when our children attended Lowrie together. Chelsea believes in every student and their right to quality public education and will work tirelessly to make it a reality.

Kristen Keswick


Thompson a natural step for school district

This May, we have an opportunity to elect a highly experienced and service-oriented candidate to represent our community on the West Linn Wilsonville School Board. Christy Thompson is a mother of three and has important insight into what school is like for parents and students at the primary, middle, and high school levels. She is a former high school biology teacher who understands how to create policies to help students receive the education and experience they need to thrive and be successful. Christy Thompson also enters this School Board race having volunteered over 200 hours at Wilsonville High School. Serving on the School Board is a natural next step for Christy Thompson who has shown a clear passion for education and supporting our community's children. We have a great School District and I am excited to see how Christy Thompson will make it even better. Please join me in voting for Christy Thompson.

David Baker

West Linn

Thompson is professional and efficient

I support Christy Thompson for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. I have had the privilege of serving under Thompson on Wilsonville High School's Booster Club. Thompson is one of the best and most efficient leaders I have observed. I have seen her run each meeting with respect to other's views and time. She brings her generous and open spirit to each presentation the students make to raise money for their sports and organizations.I appreciate that this is a non-partisan election and that Christy has maintained a level of professionalism through the election process that shows her main objective is to support our teachers, students, and schools.

Dana Edmiston


Accusations against Greenman unfounded

On April 29, 2019 Clackamas County Democrats leadership circulated a letter with blatantly false statements against WLWV School Board candidate and Democrat, Gail McSpadden Greenman.The letter claims that Gail is: 

1. Pushing a very conservative agenda

2.Well-funded with monies pouring in from conservative individuals 

3. Leading an anti-progressive and anti-science agenda.

4. Uses rhetoric of a group classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a hate group

.All of these accusations are blatantly false!

Gail is a mom of two girls and decided to seek election to give back to her community. In fact, Gail is a progressive community leader, an active parent of her PTA, a Brownie troop leader. She is running a grass roots campaign with minimal funding. Her election is about what she can bring to the table, not about tearing someone else apart. 

I am asking the Clackamas County Democrat Party Chair, Peter Nordbye, to make a public apology to Gail for the false statements they have made. They have not only impacted her, but more importantly her children have suffered as well. 

Michelle Bombet Minch

West Linn

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